Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Presidential Race for Dems Decided Tonight

It's going to be an exciting night...Hillary Clinton's last stand she must win Texas or Ohio to stay in this race. Tune in to CNN for all your election coverage tonight!

Predictions :

Texas- Clinton

Ohio- Clinton

Rhode Island- Clinton

Vermont- Obama


Anonymous said...

Republicans are voting for Clinton? Wait a minute. That's not what was previously claimed by the clintonites here. They were all saying the repubs were voting for the big O.

Anonymous said...

According to all data and surveys, there are Republicans voting for Obama in the cross-over primaries because they're sick of Republican BS.

Republicans voting for Clinton in those primaries are hard core repugnicans who do so with the hope she will be facing their candidate, because she will so be much easier to beat than Obama.

Anonymous said...

The repugnant ones are voting for both now, but the damage is done. They can't stop the party now from picking their choice. Interestingly, 25% percent of Clinton supporters would rather have McCain than crooked Obama. Only 10% of Obamabots have such a negative view of Hillary. Complete reversal of fortunes. Basically 35% of the Democratic participants are soft. Likely all lost in the woods non-Democrats. Clinton now has the lead in popular votes as well as Democratic voters, so either way the superdelegate argument cuts, it favors her now. Checkmate, end of game.

Anonymous said...

That particular poll is being misrepresented. It stated that 25% of Hillary supporters "could" vote for McCain. Only 10% of Barack's supporters could vote for McCain. That means Hillary's support is soft, Barack's is firm.

Hillary does not lead in the popular vote, unless you count Florida and Michigan, which the DNC (so far) does not. But even if you do, keep in mind that Dems didn't come out and vote in those primaries in high numbers, because they knew that it didn't count.

In fact, those two states that Hillary "won" so handily are the only states where more repugnicans voted than Dems in the Democratic primaries, because they were crossover primaries. This flies in the the face of previous claims that Barack is being supported by repugs.

I would hardly call a virtual tie, on the day he was forecast to lose big, a reversal of fortunes. After winning Wyoming today and Mississippi on Tuesday, Barack will be back on track. And with six more weeks to campaign before Pennsylvania, Hillary will be exposed for the fraud that she really is.

Her claims of "foriegn policy experience" are bogus. Her campaign promises to reinvigorate the upstate New York economy with jobs and development were just that, empty promises with absolutely no action or results.

The press are onto her, and she is toast.