Thursday, March 13, 2008

Smoking Ban Closer to Law

Alderman Ringwood announced today a compromise to her smoking ban that she has worked on with fellow Alderman Robert Senor. The new ban would prohibit people from smoking within 50 feet of playgrounds, pavilions and Kingston Point Beach. It would also ban smoking within 50 feet of all municipal building entrances.

This is a fair compromise and frankly a no brainier. The Common Council has a responsibility to their constituents to pass this legislation as soon as possible. As a candidate for the Kingston School Board, I personally am happy to see this legislation being moved forward. A lot of children in the Kingston School District use our city parks and should not subjected to the danger of second hand smoke.

Kingston's laws and rules committee will meet next week to discuss this further.


UCP said...

Drop It! Is she still here?

BeenThereDone That said...

People shouldn't smoke at all, including you for that matter. Period. I could see the city council regulating smoking inside of municipal buildings but not outside. In the open air cigarette smoke tends to dissipate quickly into the atmosphere--doesn't the city council have better issues to consider?

Anonymous said...

The NO BRAINER here is, there is NO PROOF of the dangers of OUTDOOR second hand smoke.

Why must you continue to believe the minority have the right to rule the majority?

Why must you continue to support laws which TAKE away personal freedoms?

Why does this seem like some crusade of yours?

Ringwood is a LAME DUCK alderwoman. She is trying to enhance her resume. I say to Ringwood, stop using and abusing us.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to stop using this second hand somke are they getting second hand smoke outdoors. I would think the other things we are inhaling from the rampant air polution would be a bigger issue than someone smoking. Also, are the police now going to carry tape measures around...this law is now even more unenforceable..if that is possible. This is why Kingston is in the shape it is...the people that are supposed to be making things better are spending their time and energy on meaningless laws instead of focusing on the issues they should be focusing on like schools, economy etc...This is a joke.

Anonymous said...

do any of the so called "leaders" even drive through this city and have thier eyes open?
With all of the filth on our streets, the flood of affordable familes taking over and the businesses running away, why would you think this is an important issues at this time?
You geniuses just taxed another enormous group of people out of thier homes, you cannot provide a dependable infrastructure or clean our schools and streets of common low life gangs and thugs, but you can actually spend time talking about issues that are ridiculous.
This is a testament to how ignorant this council and administration is. Wake up and tackle a serious issue and repair it.
Lastly, who is going to enforce this idiotic law? Our police? We dont even go after the speeders, loitering street walkers,visalbe drug pushers on broadway and every driver in the city on thier cell phone, but we are going to stop the smokers in the park?
Ringwood and the rest of the clan that even entertained this foolishness are a prime example of wasted money and time on stupid people with even more stupid ideas!
You should all be proud!
Next month we will have no smoking in the parks, but no real issue in this city had been resolved!

Anonymous said...

4:01, you should definately put that in the freeman, even if it's just in the online comments. That was some good arguments.

I'll publish it for you, if you wish to keep your name from the freeman.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of no smoking at public parks not so much because I am worried about second hand smoke- but because of the filthy cigarette butts all over. Smokers throw their cigarette butts anywhere they happen to finish a smoke. I would bet that any cigarette smoker reading this throws their cigarettes out of their car 100% of the time. If you stop at any redlight it is disgusting. Cigarette butts dont evaporate into thin air after you toss them- they turn into garbage on the side of the street- and yes, in our parks.

Anonymous said...

You know 6:58, it is ALREADY against the law to do that. In Texas, they are really strict about that, they encforce it, and the place a hefty fine on those who do. But here in the great state of NY, we have a knack for writing laws which are already covered ie. Driving while talking on a Cell Phone. There are ALREADY laws on the books, which prohibit drivers from distractions and reckless driving. But no, we had to single out cell phones for political gain and pressure from insurance lobbys. We also have a habbit of not ENFORCING laws.

Anonymous said...

The Freeman would not print that article because it goes against the macchine. I have submitted many letters and they never post them when they do not praise the administration and thier ideas. I appreciate the kudos though.

Anonymous said...

Not again but yes it is ISSUES OF MASS DISTRACTION revisited.
Remember in high school when your friend in the cafeteria said: Look, over there! and next thing you know your pudding is missing.
Yes , yes this is that same game.

Remember when you bought your first car or house and got to the closing to find the interest had jumped a quarter or half percent and you were too excited to care.

Well folks this is that same shell game, played all over again.

Think: 1 economic development
2 city infrastructure
3 current spending and taxes
4 smoking in the park
5 business growth

You tell me , what do you think is our most pressing problem that you want the city fathers and mothers to be working on?...smitty