Saturday, January 19, 2008

Teetsel Continues to Flip Flop on the Issues----- Again!

Call him the Mitt Romney of the Kingston Common Council, First Ward Alderman Al Teetsel continues to flip flop on the issues. Teetsel's latest flip flop has to do with the Kings Inn, Alderman Teetsel says that he is against emanate domain for the Kings Inn property because it will take the property off the tax rolls, yet he voted to recommend that the City enter into an agreement with attorney Josh Miller to start proceedings.

If the proceeding is approved by the full council, the City will pay Mr.Miller 20k initially and likely much more, in what will be a long legal debacle that will cost hundreds of thousands in legal fees alone. Tell me again Alderman Teetsel about your strong Conservative values?


Anonymous said...

And after the ridiculous legal fees are expended, best case scenario, the court gives the city the right to sieze the property.

The city still has to pay the owner the fair market value of the property. If the parties cannot agree on fair market value, the matter goes back to court for more litigation and more legal fees.

All the while, years go by, attorney fees grow, the fair market value of the property increases and the city is on the hook for potentially millions.

There is a very good reason why eminent domain is a torturous process. Government should not be in the business of seizing private property. If government chooses to go down that path, the price will be high, the emotions even higher and the end result will be that the property owner still gets fairly compensated for the property.

Why not save the money and time and simply make the property owner an atractive offer right now. If the city really wants to own the property, pay fair market value, add a healthy premium (any premium will be far less than the final attorney bill) and put the thing to bed.

Oh, that's right. That will never happen because our mayor and council know full well that their constituents have no interest in owning the Kings Inn.

This one should be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Some voice Teetsel is for the GOP'ers in Kingston. Its own Minority Leader votes with Sottile's actions all the time.

Al, face it, you are a leader now. Act like a Minority Leader should or face removal in due course.

GOP'ers - and even you JJ - Al is Jimmy Sottile's ears and eyes - a spy for the Dems! Watch your back when in Al's presence.

City Republican said...

We know all about him.

Anonymous said...

I just love it when Little Rickey
posts here.

Bill Berardi said...

The City will end up having the Bond the loss on this fiasco like the Jockey Hill deal.

Maybe we should hire an expert to tell us if this should be done or not?

Instead we paint ourselves into a corner and then cry how do we get out?

Sounds like a great case for selective enforcement and racism.

Imagine the cases of where the City looked the other way which could be found and lines drawn to campaign donations and other favors curried.

Anonymous said...

Look up and down Broadway at all the buildings with "For Sale" signs on them. Look at the boarded up buildings and the vacant storefronts where the building owners have given up. If there were a market hte owner of the Kings Inn would have sold nad moved on. No owner wants this kind of fight. But there is no market for this property, so you make yourself the biggest pain in the ass to City and they will bail you out! I can't believe this guy is currnet on his mortgage. Go buy it and foreclose. It is a lot cheaper.