Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Three New Links

There are now three new sponsored links on Blaber's News! I received a contribution from an anonymous contributor that has given me a list of four links that he wanted like to sponsor.

The followings links have been added:

Ulster County Politick

Kingston Community Radio

Kingston Public Access

If you would like to sponsor a link or list your business or political campaign with Blaber's News please send me an e-mail at


Anonymous said...

What's the rate for links?

Anonymous said...

Great! Thank you to whomever! And to you as well, Jeremy!

Jeremy Blaber said...

6pm: If you are intrested in rates please e-mail me at :

Anonymous said...

Only three now? What happened? The check bounce or the Freerag couldn't handle the scrutiny? The Journal political blogs are skewed too far to the right,they might be reconsidering too.

UCP said...

It's Ulster County Politics
The Best Blog of 2007. :)