Thursday, January 24, 2008

Marlborough Holds Pre Primary Democratic Candidates Night

Marlborough Democratic Candidates Night will feature Representatives for all of the three major Democratic candidates for Present. All Democrats are encouraged to attend.

Congressman Maurice Hinchey will be speaking on Senator Clinton's behalf.

When: Friday, January 25th at 7:30 PM

Where : Christ Episcopal Church, Rt. 9W, corner of Old Post Road. in Marlboro, NY


Anonymous said...

Any idea who the representatives are?

PlattekillDem said...

Update to Event:

Congressman Maurice Hinchey will be speaking for Hillary Clinton at the Marlborough Democratic Candidates Night on Friday, Jan 25. at 7:30pm at Christ Episcopal Church, Route 9W, corner of Old Post Rd. in Marlboro, NY

Anonymous said...

In answer to 12:09
Representing Hillary Clinton will be Congressman Maurice HInchey. Representing Barack Obama will be Judy Aydelott, who ran against John Hall (19th CD) for Congress in the 2006 Democratic Primary.
The John Edwards campaign representative is still in the selection process.

Phil Schacter
Marlborough Democratic Town Chair

Anonymous said...

Who's paying for this? It's being held in a Christian Church? Where are our Separation people? Where are the people who cite Religion as a deficiency?

Anonymous said...

Im not all that happy that this is taking place in a church.
Noone could find a government or public space for such an event?
Good greif!

PlattekillDem said...

anonymous 3:58,

Relax, the event is not being held in the church,itself; but rather in a social hall on the grounds.

Second, politically staged events are different from governmental functions. The key here is separation of church and state. Merely expressing political views is not consistent with the applied operation of governmental administration.

Anonymous said...

I won't be there. I find the event in a christian church offensive and really don't want to hear Hinchey undermine Hillary's campaign. He's a bad choice. Besides,she and Edwards are the only viable democrats left and they'll probably split the ticket.

Anonymous said...

5:40 P.M.
Spin the thing with all the multi-syllable words you want.
Church is a spiritual function.
Politics is a state function.
Sounds clear and simple to me.

Anonymous said...

The separation of church and state people are out here, but apparently very few people are listening...

Including, first and foremost, the politicians and reverends (or whatever term best applies) themselves.

In Kingston the church has gotten involved in everything from holding political office (Reverend/Alderwoman Whitlock) to involvement in the Charter School project to tampering with public opinion regarding the alleged assault of the young girl at the KHS (heavily influencing the media & advocating for the alleged perpetrators...) to City Hall disputes about the Save Them Now Program --- and more --- and very few people, frankly, seem to give a dam#.

Including the President of the U.S. who has enabled all of this to occur via his own gross violations of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

There are so many tax exempt (or partially tax exempt) religious organizations in place at this point that it is no wonder businesses and community members that do have to pay taxes, pay for advertising, etc., can't make it.

No jobs available?

Apply for a religious charter (they are available, I hear, for a small fee, from an organization in California - and set yourself right on up...!

No degrees necessary.

Not anymore.

But one can also go the route of the Catholic Priesthood, which has at least retained its educational dignity to some degree...

Or to a college with more of a missionary/political Baptist (there are a bunch of these, and they sure seem to carry a punch...) bent.


Frankly, I got tired of carrying the load around here - about separation of church and state - all by myself.

So please DO take it on. I'd love to hear it and witness it...

Then, when folks start acting like "you" are the scourge of the earth for "daring" to question what is going on in this arena, think of me...

Check out what a group called the Lord's Resistance Army (we have some very similar folks/groups brewing in the U.S.) has been up to...

Check out the (missing...)checks and balances that apply to religous instutions...

Do a little research...

Does it matter if a political event is held in a church or church hall?


Does it matter that local religous persons want to go into KHS and counsel the youth there?


Does it matter if we are slowly moving from a multi-faith Democracy towards a Christian (and/or Mormon) theocracy?


But no one can fight that fight alone, and no one around here - thus far - appears to have the integrity or the courage to do so -

So yeah, speak up, and if I hear at least a few other voices out there, maybe I'll be inclined (once again) to do the same.

Religion, when combined with ethics, can be a great thing.

Religion, when utilized as a tool to political power is corrupt at its very roots.

I'm not against faith, or any particular person's choice of faith, belief, religion, etc.

I am FOR separation of church and state. PERIOD.

So, for those of you that ARE interested in what is going on - not just locally - but across the nation - I suggest checking out - as a starting point for a very serious (and sad) education...

Please remember that it is those who are abusing their self-proclaimed religous status towards exploiting and/or abusing others -- achieving political power and/or money --- and/or as a place to hide other decidedly "uncool" motives and behaviors that are giving religion a bad name --- NOT ME.

I certainly did NOT write this script. But I CAN READ IT.

THIS is just one little piece of an apple pie that is starting to taste decidedly SOUR...

Kinda' like a "dainty dish," set before a ____ (Fill in the blank at your own discretion...)

Anonymous said...

Whoever hires the leader's media consulting company will win.

Anonymous said...

Are advocates of separation of church and state being censored here as they are elsewhere? Does saying that one is an advocate of separation of church and state indicate (to some) that religion is a "deficiency?" [That is NOT the case; faith certainly has its place...] Did my last post hit too close to home for you to put it on the board? Are advocates of separation of church and state being rendered invisible?

Have your little parties folks. I'm not a politician and have no intentions of ever becoming one.

But as Bob Dylan wrote, I do think the day is coming (created by man, not God) when "a hard rain is gonna' fall," because you can't toss honesty, kindness and integrity to the side, like roadkill being pitched into a ditch, without severing the cords of your own conscience and heart.

Where is my last post Jeremy? Perhaps you just didn't get it online yet?

You are in a precarious position (as are all aspiring politicians), are you not?


Anonymous said...

Faith is a fairy tale propagated by con-men to enslave fools. It has no place other than the mental institutions. It has been definitively proven to be a mental deficiency resulting from a misfiring neural pathway between the amydala and the temporal lobes. We've known this for ten years. Since the normal population numbers only 18% in this country,the mental patients have been in control of the asylum. The good news is that every year we become more normal. We just became the largest minority in the nation. The catholics are now the second. Religion cannot be given legitimacy by anyone stating it has it's place,it doesn't. It's an illness that we will conquer just like measles and small pox. Soon I'm sure we'll find the chemical or viral cause of this problem and wipe it of the face of this planet. Until then,no one will censor me or stand in my way. Godheads are sick people and they'll crumble under my scrutiny. They're trained that way.

Anonymous said...

Only on Blabers News and Commentary will you see the philosophers come out in full force-- the other political blog in town would most likely censor them.

Anonymous said...

There's another political blog in Kingston? The Kingst'onion went out,so did Honest Abe's, and Cahill's is a "no comment" blog. I think this is the only game in town.

PlattekillDem said...

It was a nice event, jeremy
You should have been there. Topics of national interest were discussed amongst the presidential candidate's representatives.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I'm sorry I missed out. I would of loved to of been there.

Anonymous said...

To 1:31 PM.

You do hold a position that Sigmund Freud and Albert Ellis appeared to hold; and there does seem to be some validity in it.

At the same time, I have heard many people cite prayer (not specific religions or group-affiliated) as something that helps them get through the tough times, and far be if for me to suggest that we take this comfort (even if false comfort) away from them.

In fact, some of that could be helpful, in the sense of self-affirmations and self-fullfilling prophecies, both of which are actually psychological concepts - not religious - at the foundations.

The thing, here, is to get the church out of city, county, state and federal business, and vice versa.

Then perhaps some of the other damage sometimes done by relious bodies (the number of children abused in the name of religion; the high rate of mental patients that have gone over the top & had psychotic breaks around thier religious training/beliefs, etc.) could be addressed.

I hear you. And I could add a bunch more. But for now I will simply say thank you - to you and to the others that touched on this topic in a rational manner.

Anonymous said...

9:58-No problemo, Jesus (they claim) said that it should be practiced in the closet, not the public square. I wish they'd heed that advise.