Sunday, January 06, 2008

Two More Students Charged with Sexual Assault

Two more KHS students have been charged in connection with the rape of a 15 year old girl in the men's rrom at KHS. Korey Rogers 16, and Tyler Bryant 18 were arrested today, all five are in Ulster County Jail.

Police report on the incident said Moore-Giles "did restrain a 15-year-old female by pushing her into a men's bathroom and subsequently refusing to let her leave the bathroom. This 15-year-old was raped and sodomized while inside this bathroom. Moore-Giles and Bryant engaged in both forcible oral and vaginal sexual intercourse with the victim, while Rogers and Quami Daniel engaged in oral sex.

Kingston police expect additional arrests to be made.


UCP said...

Should the Kingston Board of Education Close Kingston High School Until They are able to guarantee the Safety of students within KHS?

Anonymous said...

The next time Gretzinger looks at his newly inflated check, he should ask himself. "How much safer could I have made KHS with that money?"

Student safety is a joke there. The so called security guards are more interested in flirting with the girls than protecting them. I see it everyday. They do NOT protect the students. They are a waste of money. Gretzinger should fix this now. Even if it takes his new salary increase to do it.

Anonymous said...

Hey where's the report from the road? This local stuff isn't very much fun. And don't worry about Hill,we have three irons in the fire and we're planning to use them. When Obama fizzles,John will get a turn to shine before Hill makes a move. If she fails we'll have two back-ups. Tell her people to keep things civil.

Jacob's Gas said...

Yes, Gretzinger should resign.

Anonymous said...

God help me for saying this, but... Where is Hal Turner when we need him??

Anonymous said...

Bring Hal Turner and the Guardian Angel's back, because the police don't give a shit. And yes it is true that the security guard's do flirt with the girl's. We need someone to watch them.

Anonymous said...

The Kingston School administrators ought to hang their heads in shame. They allowed this to happen. They, through their apathetic approach to security, have scarred this young person for life.

Everyone of the school officials responsible should look in the mirror each morning and ask themselves, what if that was m my child?

This victim is on them.

Anonymous said...

We don't need Hal (or Al?) Turner. We need responsible people in our schools and laws that address this sort of crime (so far, an alleged crime) in a serious and appropriate manner.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor should call for Gretzinger and Farrell's resignation!

Jeremy Blaber said...

Gretzinger and Farrell shold NOT resign they both are great leaders of the Kingston School Dsitrict.

Anonymous said...

You have to be one of the most influenced simple minded followers in history!
How dare you say that the current administrators are great leaders?
Our public school system in one of the worst in the country.
The budget is in a shamble, we had to go on an austerity for a year, the failure rate is saoring higher than ever, the schools are falling apart, they tried to shove a new building down our throat in a flood plain, we have our kids being beaten, threatened and now molested, and these two idiots are only worried about thier salaries and giving more idiots assistants jobs!
What the hell are you thinking?
The only person doing any worse at thier position around here is YOUR mayor!
Damn boy, you had better open your eyes and start seeing the light, or are you just another ignorant follower singing the praises of these fools?
I know you wont post this, but.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy:

Why don't you ask that poor girl's parents if they think Gretzinger and Farrell are doing a good job and are great leaders?

Gerry spends his mornings working out at a local gym. Seems to me he should be spending more time at the office. Neither Gretzinger nor Farrell take responsibility for the sad state of affairs with the Kingston school system.


Anonymous said...

In response to the first question (posted by UCP) here --- particularly since I read today ("Daily Freeman") that the youth alleged to have committed this crime might get to return to school after their 5-day suspension (eh?) AND a meeting with the biggies... an unqualified YES.

Whether or not these allegations are true - due to the explosive potentiality of all of this - these youth should NOT be able to return to KHS so soon.


Kids have been put on home-schooling for periods of time before (often for far-LESS reason) --- so WHY NOT NOW --- with this group of youth (after all, they are also (contrarily) alleged to be "model citizens," with oodles of supporters [folks that could tutor them?] and private detectives [I would like to know WHO is footing THAT bill????]working on their behalf...


Anonymous said...

BTW --- if there are two private investigators (presumably being paid by someone) working on behalf of the alleged perpetrators, I think the alleged victim should get the same! So if anyone out there has the ways and means to make this possible (the Crime Victims Assistance Program is a place to start, but independents would be good as well) --- I say go for it... the first question to be answered being who is footing the bill for the boys private investigators? Why are "said" witnesses giving testimony to these PI's and not (apparently) to the police? Why is this (where money, power, and undue influence from somewhere... have already come into play)even allowed?????????????????????????

This mirrors a lot of such cases across the nation, and how such cases are handled, and as far as I'm concerned the alleged victims' rights to equal treatment under the law are already being violated!

Potential misdemeanors, my A...


Anonymous said...

BTW, as a few of points of (general) interest...


"In a retrospective study of 52 alleged ritual abuse survivors (adults)... 63% indicated that they had been raised (overtly) in the Protestant religion, 19% indicated that they had been raised (overtly) in the Catholic religion, 6% indicated that they had been raised withough any overt religious affiliation, 4% indicated that they had been raised (overtly) in the Jewish religon, 4% indicated that they had been raised (overtly) in a Born-Again Christian and/or Non-demonminational Christian environment [and] 4% reported that they had been raised as Athiests" [N.Smith; "Ode to the Wicker Man (Book II...)"; (publisher; availability);2007; (availabilty); p. 21 (format adjusted for this purpose); Based on a study done by Margaret Smith; "Ritual Abuse..."; Harper Collins; 1993; p. 18; Table 1.5.]


"ArchBishop Bernard Law... allegedly covered up for over 100 child sex offenders associated with the Catholic priesthood, including the prolific child sex offender, Father Geoghan, who stood accused of molesting over 100 children; Father Bernard Lane, who stood accused of multiple counts of child sexual abuse...; Father Paul Shanley, who stood accused of multiple counts of child sexual abuse...; and Father Bruce Ritter, who stood accused of sexually abusing and/or exploiting a number of youth, and engaging in some other [alleged] atrocities (during the Reagan/Bush Sr. era Americares Foundation/Covenant House scandal and the Iran-Contra scandal), including financial scams, child prostitution [and other such things....] ArchBishop Law resigned from his position (under pressure, but of course) in 2002; but Archbishop Law never faced any criminal charges... [In] fact, [Bernard Law] was susbsequently appointed, by the Vatican, an Archpriest at St. Mary's Major Basilica in Rome" (N. Smith; Ibid.;; 2007; p. 10-11.)


Father Bruce Ritter, who was mentioned up above, had previously (before the allegations of abuse and such came forward) been awarded (1968) the "Father Flanagan Award", the "Presidential Volunteer Action Award"; and the "Ronald Reagan Award for Excellence" (Ibid. p. 15).


Reverend Jim Jones of the "Jonestown Massacre" was also in "very tight" with a number of politicians, political and religious organizations - for quite some time - before implementing what was basically a concentration camp (associated with allegations of sexual abuse, ritual abuse, the full catastrophe...) - that ultimately resulted in mass suicide and/or murder of his "devoted" [Ibid].

And these are only a FEW (out of multitudes) of such examples...

A few pertinent quotes being:


"If one asks him, 'What are these wounds on your back?' He will say, 'The wounds I received in the house of my friends'" (Zechariah; 6th Century B.C.)


"Truth is often the 'fruit of the forbidden tree' --- a biblical metaphor that is actually used in legal parlance" (Ronald Markman & Dominck Bosco; "Alone With the Devil..."; Doubleday ; 1990p. 73).


"Dickson [1958] described the typical serial murderer... [as] a small, well-dressed, sociable and charming man in his forties... often a practicing Christian" (David Lester, Ph.D.; "Serial Killers..."; Charles Press; 1995; p. 49).

So (not that I believe a whole lot of people, religous or no, are aware of, or directly implicated in such things...) all of the sweet and wonderful commendations that are floating around about the boys that allegedly committed this horrible (by alleged description) crime don't impress me much...

Because, in fact, this local situation appears to fit a pattern (albeit on a smaller scale) that is to be found over and over again when one researches such subjects...

And I do believe; ah yes, I do believe, that sooner or later...

"A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall" (Title of a song by Bob Dylan)

N.S. (local author) [Again: could someone please enlist some private investigators on the alleged victims behalf? that would only be fair...]

Anonymous said...

I have 3 kids that go to this High school and after reading all of the blogs here I can honestly say yes Gretzinger & Farrell should be fired. The security at that school sucks. They don't care about our kids. just their paychecks. These boys should be expelled period end of discussion. I know if they don't I for one will be the one to open my mouth about something my child did OFF of school property (drawing on someone with a marker) and got severe punishment ( 45days suspension)and now has basically failed the school year. Now they just tell her she should just drop out and get her GED. WOW way to go school officials YEA

Anonymous said...

Speak out parents, speak out! I saw so much injustice in the school system years ago... (which has apparently gotten worse and worse and worse)... that it makes me want to vomit.

I'm serious!

Thanks for speaking out here, there and everywhere you can! Air your negative experiences in a public forum! (Letters to the local papers are also good; as are community meetings, school meetings, and such...)

In fact, a bunch of you might want to set up an informal meeting at a diner, the Muddy Cup or somewhere... and start your own advocacy group (?)

I'll even offer up a good Acronymn (sp?)for it (Hmmmmmmm...)

How about "EIEEEEE!" or "Enough Is Enough!"

I'm a grandmother now, and my grandchildren haven't hit KHS age yet...

But I might be willing to jump on board and do meeting notes and such (writing is my strong point), if I see such a group (independent of the powers that be) being organized and promoted.