Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clinton and Romney Win Nevada

Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney won their respective caucuses today in Nevada. Clinton beat Obama by about 8 points with a decisive win today. On the GOP side, Romney crushed the competition with more than 56% percent of the Republican caucus. Ron Paul came in a distant second with 18% just ahead of John McCain.

South Carolina should prove interesting both McCain and Huckabee need to win South Carolina. The winner of this race will be given front runner status to compete with Mitt Romney who is looking pretty good right now.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Hilary won by 6 points, not 8, and she was supposed to win by 16.

Plus, Obama ended up with more delegates than Hilary.

Anonymous said...

Hmm,Obama gets more delegates by losing? There's definitely something fishy there. I think this casino caucus deal is just another fraud.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy can explain to you how 'WEIGHTED' votes work, just as he did with the Sennett/Bradley convention.

CLinton loved the casino deal, that was until the casino workers' union went for Obama.