Monday, January 28, 2008

Blaber for School Board

I have decided to once again explore the possibility of running for a seat on the Kingston School Board. Last year, I learned a lot about the district and had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people involved. Now more then ever I am committed to serving on the board and doing the best job that I can for the students in the Kingston School District.

There are a lot of important issues that face the Kingston School District, I look forward to meeting with Superintendent Gretzinger and all of you to discuss these issues over the next few months.


Jeremy Blaber


- Increasing security at Kingston High School; specifically looking at a way to limit the now more than 56 entrances and exits that currently exist.

- Working with the City of Kingston to finally restore the Carnegie Library that has sat vacant for so many years.

- Following through and working to implement the recommendations in the building facilities report that was conducted for the district.

- Taking a closer look at the Montessori plan that has been proposed for George Washington. I think we have to take a look at the cost to the taxpayers and getting input from parents, administrators as well as the teachers at George Washington School

- Working with Assemblyman Cahill and the State Legislature to end the way school taxes are funded in New York State through property taxes.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with this Jeremy, and please stay positive.
Wish you the best!!!!

Bill Berardi said...

Good luck Jeremy - we need some fresh minds. I hope you can add to your agenda - recovering the
$ 10 million extra the board gave to the Kingston Trust Fund - run by the Union President. I think the Montessori Plan is just to undermind the Charter School Proposed. Also maybe yoy can recover the swamp money and keep the district from handing the warehouse cronies more millions of taxpayer funds.

Money could have been spent on security and/or more teachers.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, are those that supported Vince Bradley allowed to vote for you or just those that publicly supported Sennett? With all those negatives about Bradley supporters being traitors from your friends and all the filth you allowed on your blog maybe they should stay home. I noted you don't allow anything I send in on your blog. Its OK I go to Politics blog and Cahill.

Anonymous said...

I think Jeremy is a good choice for School board. He has the energy and can relate and will listen to the students in the Kingston consolidated school district. He also understands the burden high property tax puts on our Sr. I supported Jeremy the first time and will do so again. I vote for who I think the best candidate is regardless what others say or think. I don't think that right has been taken away just yet. By the way I always sign my name when I comment on any blog. So for the naysayers go ahead hit me with your best shot.
Jeanette Provenzano

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

In our ever changing communities we need to elect leaders who will work for our best interest. From local government to the White House, we need leaders who know the issues and have comprehensive solutions to the problems we face. This is even true of our local school board. Our board makes decision each day which affect the current and future leaders of our communities. That is why I stand side by side with my friend and support Jeremy Blaber for School Board. Jeremy’s ability to comprehend the complex issues that we face, make him an ideal choice to serve as a member of the School Board. I stand committed to working hard for the people of the Town of Ulster and I know Jeremy shares my same vision of our shared constituency. Please join me in electing true and compassionate leadership for our children. Please elect Jeremy Blaber for Kingston School Board.


Nicky B. Woerner
Town of Ulster Supervisor

Vanilla Clint said...

Sorry Jeremy I just watched Rich
Cahill wine and cry that he might
not be on Station 23 much longer.
Rich I send this jam out to you

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like Paul said just 'Let it be'
I send this out. Just between you and me.

One Love
One Unity
One People
Mike Madsen one love

Anonymous said...

What was THAT about? What has it got to do with Mike Madsen, who from what I can see is a class act?

Good luck Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

REFLECTIONS (Find the Pun...)

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Kindness too,
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we all must face
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Can anybody hear
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Anonymous said...

Dear Bill
The Charter School never even it made it to the School Board for a vote. The people who proposed it pulled it off the table...
The Kingston City schools had nothing to do with the Charter School...So get your facts in order...The "Swamp Money" as you call it is over 3 years old... get over it... That idea is long since dead.....

Anonymous said...

For further clarification, the charter school proposal was so poorly drafted that State Education strongly suggested that it be pulled before it was soundly rejected by the state. The proposal contained numerous spelling errors and incorrect grammar.

Appearently, those who drafted the proposal never heard of spell check. There were also sections of the report that were incorrectly paginated.

In general,it was an embarassment and those members of the community who pushed for the approval of the charter school were sold a bill of goods by those who wrote the proposal.

Anonymous said...

What does Cahill have to do with Blaber running for school board?? You guys are obsessed with Cahill. He's out. He's not Mayor or Alderman. The more you talk about him, the more publicity he gets. If you really want to upset Cahill, don't talk about him at all. Absolutely nothing. Ignore him. That would be worse to him than insults.

Anonymous said...

3:39- Spell check is good advice for anything sent up to Albany. In addition, a second,third, and fourth set of eyes to proofread your proposals always helps smooth the way. Jeremy has an open mind and progressive viewpoint that can accomplish much in the field of education. If he can craft new ideas and present them intelligently, he'll find them becoming state policy.

Anonymous said...

Well Jeanette,3:47 seems intent on taking away the right to choose the best candidate. Those who choose the best candidate and don't allow petty local allegiances sway them are "filth" in his/her mind. I hope that no Bradleyan style sliming of Jeremy goes on. I think we know who wins then, the default candidate. I'm not personally allowed to vote for him, but with my knowledge of the workings of NYSED,I can say his youth and open-mindedness will be a plus for your district. Their policies are always fluid and his ability to listen to all parties and make informed decisions can help promote meaningful change in Albany.

Bill Berardi said...

Maybe anonymous will be respectful enough to sign his/her name as I would be very happy to learn facts.