Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ronnie Rondout

It seems that Alderman Al Teetsel called up Political Editor Hugh Reynolds to correct him on an error that was written in Reynolds' column. I guess Reynolds put in that Teetsel dressed up as
''Ronnie Rondout'' the clown for Roundout Savings bank when it was really for North Star Bank. Who cares! You think Teetsel would call Reynolds about something he has done in his Ward but I guess that is difficult when you do nothing.

Is it just me, or is anyone else not surprised that Teetsel dresses up as a clown? I guess that's the reason why he has behaved like a clown on the Council all these years, Teetsel was in character.

From now on Teetsel will always be know on this blog and everywhere else as Ronnie Rondout.


Anonymous said...

It was ironic that Reynolds said Hoffay is persona non grata in the Sottile administration because Hoffay supported Sennett for DA.

Hoffay is a loyal Dem. Sottile is not. Reynolds also called Bradley a maverick. Try 3rd place loser. What a "loyal" dem candidate he turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

Slow down, Jeremy.

Jacob's Gas said...

John Wayne Gacy also dress up as a clown

Anonymous said...

You are right. Sottile is not a loyal democrat, though democrats in Kingston are obviously loyal to him. He ran a horrible campaign, but the democrats picked him anyway.

You can attack Cahill and call him whatever names you want. The truth is that Sottile ran a lousy campaign and lost by far less than the enrollment difference. Had Lisa Cutten had a ballot line, she might have taken enough votes to give the nod to Cahill.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Teetsel is not moving far away. All he does is hang out at the YMCA.

Anonymous said...

Teestel is useless in my ward.

Anonymous said...

Well really we have 'clown's'

In Ward 1
Ward 6
Ward 8

Let's be fair Jeremy!

Anonymous said...

Hugh Reynolds is retiring. There is an event planned at the Hillside Manor in April.

Anonymous said...

WOW That should be well attended or at least well supported?
Without Hugh and the KPA live talk shows, it should be like living in Nazi Germany or the novel 1984.

Prepare to join an underground group or leave the area.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy please watch out for the "water flower" on Ronnie Rondout's outfit.

Anonymous said...

Al is no loyal republican either.

The night of the election he didn't phone in the results of the Ward to the GOP HQ. Rather he drove to WKNY which happened to be right across the street to announce his own results.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

To be fair, Al did stop at my campaign headquarters on Election night and he phone in his results prior to that.