Wednesday, January 02, 2008

city of Kingston Mayor and Aldermen Take Office

Here are some pictures from the swearing in ceremony at Kingston City Hall. I really wanted to be there but I live on a large hill and I was snowed in for much of the afternoon until I could get plowed. Due to the fact that I was not there, I have limited photo coverage of the event. Thanks to Alderman Madsen for e-mailing me the pictures below. Anyone with additional pictures can send them to me at and I will publish them.

Congratulations to Mayor Jim Sottile and Alderman at Large Jim Noble and all the Aldermen that were sworn in. Especially Alderman Reynolds, Alderman Senor, Alderwoman Ringwood and Alderwoman Whitlock.

The Common Council for 2008-2010 and how they will govern :

Ward 1 Al Teetsel, when he shows up, Minority Leader :

Al can be a good Alderman if he would stand up for something and stop being such a follower...I don't expect much.

Ward 2 Jen Ringwood :

Jen is a proven leader and will continue the good work that she started two years ago. Expect her to continue to introduce legislation that will improve the quality of life for Kingstonians.

Ward 3 Charlie Landi :

Not a big fan of Charlie but he knows his stuff and the issues of the third ward. I expect Charlie to follow lock step with Sottile. Despite the speculation, I doubt that the 'old Landi' will resurface anytime in the near future.

Ward 4 Rev. Shirley Whitlock :

Shirley will be a breath of fresh air to the fourth ward and I really think that even her opponents will be impressed with the leadership that she shows in the next two years.

Ward 5 Cruella DiBella :

Cruella is a mean spirited person that is in it for herself. I don't expect much.

Ward 6 Ron Polacco :

Ron will either be quite and learn the ropes or will be a thorn in Sottile's back and use the seat as a stepping stone for higher office...only time will tell.

Ward 7 Bill Reynolds, Majority Leader :

What can I say about Bill, Kingston's Seventh Ward will continue to shine under his leadership. Reynolds should be mayor.

Ward 8 Robert Senor :

Alderman Senor will continue to fight for the residents of the Eighth Ward and they will be well served. I think Senor will show a little more independence this term.

Ward 9 Mike Madsen :

Madsen is a very involved Alderman and will continue to be a voice for the 9th ward and for parking meters. To give you an example of low dedicated Madsen is, on Christmas I had to run to the gas station to pick something up and on the side of the road was Madsen changing a municipal trash can. He cares about Kingston.

Mayor James Sottile is sworn in by Judge James P.Gilpatric, with his wife MaryBeth Sottile

Common Council President James Noble is sworn in for another term by Judge Ball as his family looks on.

Fourth Ward Alderwoman Shirley Whitlock and to her left my good friend and master mind behind the 2007 elections Dr. Nassar Habbib

Kingston City Judge James Gilpatric and part time City Judge Larry Ball


Anonymous said...

you and your fealess leaders will lead Kingston into a deeper state of depression then it is already in over the next four years.
No elected officials in this city, has proposed to bring in ONE new business to offset the flood of low income and subsidised housing that these people have brought in. Wake up Jeremy, not one person in charge in this city has a clue, and they are all in it for the prestige(can you imagine that).

Anonymous said...

Cruella is right. She needs to be defeated.

Anonymous said...

I agree with comment 1, This city is going down. They are all followers, and not leaders. You scratch my back, and i will scratch your's.

Anonymous said...

Alright big boy, I wanna complain and want you to resolve this issue.
Why is it that our taxes are skyrocketing, and yet this city cannot clean the streets after a snowstorm?
Last night I took a ride and witnesses 4 different plow truck riding around with the plows raised, doing absolutely nothing at all. They were late getting started after the strom finished, the do not push the snow back to the curbs anywhere, and the intersections are a disgrace.
Why cant the people you voted for develope an alternnate side of the street parking policy for snowstorms so the plows can do thier jobs correctly after a storm, then have the vehicles park on the opposite side of the street the following day so they can go back and clean the streets properly.
Certainly, your mayor and his crackpot staff of followers can figure this problem out, it is very simple.
Next, have Mr. Gorsline actually travel the roads while the plows are supposedly working and be sure they are doing their jobs properly. Each foreman should be responsible to have his or her pickup with a plow, on the road cleaning intersections, making the larger trucks job easier. Last night at 7pm while the trucks were riding around, there were 4 pickups in the city yard running outside and every intersection we went through was a mess, as well as the city parking lots. Even Broadway still has ice and packed snow on it and this city uses a straight salt to fight the storms....this is unacceptable!
Why is it that on Marys ave, between wes chester and chestnut, there were 2 large plow trucks and 1 pickup sitting in the road, and the rest of the city was in terrible condition, could it be that the management is not actually doing its job and making sure the plow drivers are doing the job they are paid to do on overtime? Not in Kingston with a mayor who is on top of
Help me Jeremy, I have spent the last 21 years plowing for private companies as well as one of our local municipalities, and find it disgusting that a city with a tax rate as high as ours and city politicians that are so responsible and intelligent, that they cannot see how ridiculous this situation is.
I know you will think im bashing your politicians that you elected, and I am.....but, this is a simple problem and just goes to show you that our local politicans have no clue on how to operate a efficient, productive city and if you think that the streets are in good shape, just go ride down any of the flowwing streets:
Down St
Elmendorf St
Dunneman Ave
Merlina Ave
Wall St
Henry St
The list goes on and on.....
Get someone to listen to you and implement the parking procedures neccessary, make the dpw managers actually get off thier asses and work, and make the mayor responsible for all of them(they way its supposed to be) and we will have clean roads too....
Make me proud young can do it!

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

As far as the complaints go, my answer is, "Don't blame me, I voted for Cahill."

back off boogaloo said...

Cahill you would have been just as shitty for Kingston

Anonymous said...

The problem is, there is no enforcement for the laws we have. The mayor need's to tow all the car's parked on the street's and ticket them Why he does not makes you wonder.

Bill Berardi said...

They Take office - Now they are set to take the Taxpayer's again - post election raises - Shame on Them!

Anonymous said...

You raise and interesting point with the parking meters. If that does not go down as the biggest waste of money this city has seen in years it will be amazing. I park in those meters everyday and was paying. Then I realized that I never saw anyone giving tickets to the people who were not paying. Hence, I stopped paying. Since then, which was two months ago, I have not received one ticket. They meters are not going to bring in a dime unless there is enforcement. And as a result they will never pay for themselves or much else. Much like every other quality of life law in this city, there is no enforcement. Money well spent there...who was the genius that decided to put up meters with no one writing tickets. Wasn't it your gift to Kingston Mike Madsen? Good move. Now he wants a raise too.