Saturday, January 05, 2008

UPDATED Breaking News : Student Raped at KHS

It's been reported that a 15 year old female student at Kingston High School was allegedly attacked and sexually assaulted by three male students in the girls bathroom at Kingston High School, late Friday afternoon. It's believed that the victim knew her attackers and the incident was not a random attack.

As of 3:00pm, the Kingston Police have two people in custody awaiting arraignment. Lt. Tim Matthews would only acknowledge that an investigation was being conducted. More details as they develop.

This is really an unfortunate incident and I hope that Kingston Board of Education increases security at the Kingston High School for the next several weeks.

9pm : The following people have been charged in connection with this incident:

Christian Moore Gill, 17 charged with Felony Rape, committing a Felony sexual act, and unlawful imprisonment

Sharkey Daniel, 19 and Quami Daniel 17 both brothers, were charged with committing Felony sex acts.


Anonymous said...

thanks for reporting this story---KHS doesn't have the means to offer the type of security that its student population needs. Taxpayers can gripe all they want but serious money needs to be invested into our district to make our schools the safe havens that they should be.

I hope these boys are dealt with swiftly and severely.

UCP said...

a very sad story.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame me I voted for Blaber! Please run and get that board in shape.

Anonymous said...

The Freeman has it as a breaking story....Christian Giles, and two brothers. Student "word on the street" is that, of course, the female was servicing THEM. The police will get to the bottom of it....but I hope this makes it to the FRONT PAGE of the FREEMAN...not the fifth as is usually the case about violence there. Thanks for breaking the story and the boots story.

Jeremy Blaber said...

11:33 While I appriciate your comments and support, there is a great board serving the Kingston School District. I'm sure that SB President Farrell will handle this in the correct manner and work with the KPD and with his board to make sure that this does not happen again.

Several members of the board, McCoy, Shawnassey, and Bowers have family in the distict and it really hits home to them. It's a really awful and scary thing that took place.

As for me's not the right time for me to be thinking of such a thing. I just hope that justice is served for that 15 year old girl and her family.

conservative pig vomit said...

Well.........I know KPD will do its
job.......Let's see what our new
DA will do?

Anonymous said...

It is truly a shame that a young girl had to suffer this horrible crime.
I hope this is a wake up call to Superintendent Gretzinger and President Farrell who consistently pat themselves on the back and shout, "WE'RE #1!" when the Kingston Public School District is crashing down around them. They didn't even pay any attention to the Forbes report on how lousy our schools really are.
I hope these gentlemen start taking responsibility instead of taking offense and improve the Kingston Public School System!

Anonymous said...

Scoop Blaber. You beat the freeman again.

conservative pig vomit said...

It is a shame when children cannot
go to school and be safe. To me I
dont blame the school board but I
blame the conservatives who on Monday Night public access who bitch and gripe
and want to take away money from the school district thus there
cannot be enough public safety officers.

Give Me Some Truth said...

Where are the Guardian Angels??

Where is Lenny Stalker?
Richard Cahill?
Barbara Patrick?
The little old lady with the
walking cain with the red beret
that looked like a Cuban Revolutionary??


One Love One Blaber said...

One Love= One Jeremy

Blaber for School Board

Anonymous said...

Do not complain about the level of security at the High School unless you are willing to support the funding that would be ncessary for improvements.

Security cameras cost money. Security guards cost money. Reconfiguring the building so that there are fewer private spots for inappropriate activity costs lots of money.

To those who blame the board or the Superintendent, unless you are willing to vocally support the expenditures that are necessary to improve the situation, your complaints fall on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

7:50- Don't worry to much about the "boys". Defense Attorneys form UC will get them off easy, just blame it on the victim

Anonymous said...

This is to give me some truth, Leonard walker is the best, Blame the so called security guards.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Mayor when this happens? The city crime rate is down??? only before Election Day. The whole city needs to be cleaned up start with the politicians who are questionable at best. Check there shoes that tells alot about city politics

Anonymous said...

To 12:59 re: Guardian Angels

It is not the intention of the Angels to patrol inside a school campus.

You are the one capitalizing on the situation by suggesting that the formation of the Angels is an election year tactic.

Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

to 750 they system is having serious money deposited, but it
, but it is being spent on salaries for all the assistants to the assistants, and employee benefits!

Anonymous said...

To 1:19:

Ask Superintendent Gretzinger how much is his salary? That's where our tax dollars go--to a know-nothing,do-nothing ne'er do well!

If I were superintendent of one of the lowest rated school districts in the nation, I'd try to do something about it. Instead, all we get is that there is no money.
GREAT EXCUSES, EXCESSIVE SELF-PRAISE, IGNORANCE, ARROGANCE AND NO ACTION is what this school administration is all about!


Anonymous said...

To 7:09... are you serious???

It's conservatives fault that 5 people allegedly raped a girl? Do you think the safety officers would have been in the bathroom where the crime allegedly happened?

Put the blame where it should be--the people that allegedly raped the girl, maybe their parents too for not keeping their kids in line.

Anonymous said...

Where were the Guardian Angels you ask???? Not in the school.......because Mr. Gretzinger and Mr. Farrell and this board would not ALLOW them in! As for picking on the "Mon. night cable" shows....if memory serves, they were the ones asking for more money for cameras, dogs, security, etc...instead a 16,000 RAISE went on an off contract year to the superintendent after they said how the budget HAD to be passed for the kids' sakes.

This is a crime. Where is the 150K used on the land deal? It would have bought a lot of cameras for the bathrooms and halls...just like they have in other large districts.

Give Me Some Truth said...

The Harvard Prof. was right when
he said conservatives had half a brain....... Your Hero Mr. Webb and
the 2 nit wits on Monday Night are
always calling for cuts in the school budget. Our childrens safety must always come first.

Jacobs Gas said...

I agree with you..... The problem
started with the shadow board

Anonymous said...

Everyone's to blame but the parents of the kids and the kids themselves.

You are asking everyone else to take responsibility buts the individuals who can effect the outcome the most.

Wake the f. Up

Anonymous said...

10:07 - good point - maybe the Jordans will donate $150,000 to the school district for security cameras.

Bill Berardi said...

It would have been nice to have read a quote from a school official (Superintendent, Principal, Vice President of the school building where it occurred)assuring parents that this was an unfortunate isolated indcident and additional security efforts had been immediately added to insure a Safe Learning environment is maintained. In other words - by all means send your children to school on Monday!

Perhaps school officials had said this and the media missed printing it?

Anonymous said...

The answer to this sort of thing, at least in part, is harsher penalties (and the elimination of plea agreements) for violent (child abuse, assaults, sex offenses, etc.) crimes ---

Put this in the new DA's bucket, where it belongs, and let's see how he deals with it --- whilst acknowleging (as necessary) that all are innocent until proven guilty...

And that the alleged victim needs and deserves all the support (from compassionate, educated and caring people) that she can get.

Do we really WANT video cameras in our public bathrooms? Tracking devices sewn into our clothing? Etc.?

I'm not so sure about all of that...

This is a tragic event. The great thing being that the girl had the courage and support (from somewhere) to come forward, go to the hospital, etc.

My thanks go out to the alleged victim and her supporters.

My plea goes out to the new DA to slam these guys (timewise, in prison, but humanely...) should the allegations prove to be true...

We wouldn't have to live in a virtual "police state" if violent offenders, sex offenders and White Collar criminals were dealt with in a point blank "these are the consequences and the consequences are harsh..." manner.

The problem is, at least in part, that even those convicted of serious sex crimes and such, get off far too easy (in terms of time served) --- and are (all too soon) set free to do the same (should they so choose) all over again...

Yes, UCP, a very sad story...

I hope the folks here that are using it as yet another plug for more money will put a plug in thier mouths - and look at using what resources they have (brains?) to make a REAL difference.

Give Me Some Truth.....ATT said...

Yes, I am asking you since the
election I have not seen one
"Safe City Rally' nor have I seen
a patrol of the 'Angels'.. Can I just ask a simple question...
Why Rich Cahill? You lost.. It looks like you really do not care
anymore since there is nothing in it for you. The week before the election yes......But now? Rich
Cahill hang your head in shame


Why dont you have a 'Safe City
Rally' Now????

You wont

No Votes

Anonymous said...

Superintendent Gretzinger and school board president Farrell should RESIGN! If the school district were a private corporation, they would have been fired long ago.

Anonymous said...

To school board president Farrell:

I loved your radio interview with all of your self-praise and glory. Besides talking about the five Kingston High School graduates who became generals, now you can talk about the five students who have become rapists.

Anonymous said...

Alright before this gets way otta hand...
Lets look at the big picture and realize we are talking about children with the exception of one 19 yr old(who should be locked no matter what)
The other Children are a product of thier environment and could have chose to say "what the hell are you doing" and look for some help.
Or join in...
They all chose to join in and that is what they were raised to do. That is the crime!
Even if this victim offered services to some, she is still a child and has no clue about the world or the predators in it.
The boys who decided it would be fun, never thought about any repercussions because they were never taught anything. I know that if I ever did something like this my parents would have handed me my head.
Where are these kids folks now?
That is the crime, and all of the KIDS involved should be dealt with.

Anonymous said...

i am surpised the school reported the crime at all . the school administration tries to cover all the crimes and all the illegal activity .the security are told to turn their head MORE THAN THE TAXPAYERS KNOW BY THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION

Anonymous said...

I sure don't think running the school like a private corporation is the answer - with corporate crime going bonkers all over the place...

Nor do I think the parents of any of these children deserve any punitive measures --- although some counseling (for everyone near the situation) would probably be a real good idea.

The girl, from what I hear, is in NO WAY to blame for any of this.

So let's not "go there." Okay.

That just makes things uglier (revealing the sexist attitudes that can actually breed such behaviors in young and impressionalble boys...) than they already appear to be.

5-7 guys in a bathroom with one young girl...

I'm over forty and I sure wouldn't want to be there.

And it is darned hard to imagine any young girl that WOULD want to be.

Anonymous said...

To anon 6:06 PM...

This closing ranks - covering up crimes - and shutting out negative publicity - is a problem in the school system and in almost every other institution that serves youth, the mentally or physically handycapped, the elderly and other vulnerable populations --- and it NEEDS TO STOP.

In fact, this case probably made the news because the girl got to the police and/or hospital before someone could convince her that "speaking out" and "pressing charges was not in her best interest" (or some such bull...)

I have already heard, in regard to this case, discouraging commentary about this case going to trial, with the usual rhetoric attached (trials are so tough on the victim, etc.)

Which is just another systemic cop-out, which sets up the scenerio for a rash of plea bargains to reduced charges - shorter sentences than are (if the allegations are true) called for - and higher recidivism rates (because, what the hey... the consequences aren't that big a deal... are they?)

I worked for a place, serving a vulnerable population, where an alleged sex offense (by a person in a position of power) occurred --- and the staff was basically told to shut up about it.

I filed a complaint with the Board of Health, because the safety of all of those in the facility was being compromised (not just via this allegation but in a multitude of other ways, as well...)

And I lost MY job.

Which is apparently how it "works" in many places... even extending to the coverups regarding pedophiles and/or sex offenders in the priesthood and in some other religious institutions (check out the stats and facts folks...), as well.


THIS IS EXTREMELY CORRUPT - and one cannot expect children to learn integrity and respect in a corrupt (overall... because coverups of this nature go straight to the top) environment.

It allows for vulnerable populations to be victimized again and again and again...

And I don't think a society that really cared about something other than the money in thier pocket would allow this to happen!!!!!

Unless it all ultimately works in favor [there is a lot of money to be made, for certain people attached to the social service system, the penal system, etc. - via the "manufacturing" of victims (who also serve, later, as conveinient scapegoats for the state of the nation...)] - the way things are currently operating...) - for those in the seat of POWER...

Should this case go to trial?

That is certainly not my call - and I do not know what sort of support system, etc. this young girl has...

But I can tell you that ever female (and male that cares) in Ulster County aught to stand behind this young girl, if such a stance appears to be warranted - and to pay apt attention
to how this case will probably be manipulated to benefit the alleged perps and protect THEIR rights, etc...

Whilst the young girl, if all of this is indeed true, will carry these scars (to one degree or another) for life --- and quite likely into the next generation ("Why is mom so afraid of men? Doesn't she need to just 'get over it?'") --- as well.

I'm a rape survivor that did not even file a complaint because I bought the BS - blamed myself - and feared not only what the perp "might" do to me (threats were - and generally are - made), but what the system would do to me.

And (I'm sure many other voices could join up with me here) --- there are other such stories that have touched my life through others - as well.

So --- please STOP the coverups, the covert intimidation of victims and thier advocates - the BS of how much you all care...

And SHOW how much you care by being HONEST (I'm speaking TO those in the school system, law enforcement, the courts, the DA, etc.) across the board...

Yes, there are a lot of support groups for victims...

Yes, there is help available for victims(albeit usually for a fee...)

But that isn't enough. It has never been enough. It will never BE enough.

What we need is to get the people that INTENTIONALLY HURT OTHER PEOPLE off of the streets!

And if doing so smudges some organizations image a wee bit --- big whopping doo doo.

Maybe they will screen thier employees a little better, get a bit more serious about prevention and immediate serious intervention; and, in time (because we didn't get where we are overnight...) things WOULD finally get better for everyone...

With a sense of integrity - rather than what appears to be some kind of self-serving latent sadism - running this show.

Claim it. Name it. Own it. Do something ABOUT IT. Because the groups for victims are growing and growing and growing, and the perps (in a variety of guises) are running wild...

Which does not indicate that we are a "civilized --- predominantly Christian" --- (forgiveness in these types of cases - if the allegations are true - does nothing but breed more predators and expand their feeding grounds, my friends...) society to me.

We really need to get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Ok now after the fact they are hiring 3 more security guards. What for? the ones they already have don't do their jobs now. Instead of hiring more why not get the ones you have in line. If they don't or they do get caught not doing their job, get rid of them. Instead of hiring more why not offer a little overtime for a couple that you already have or even rotate shifts so that all of these hours are covered. Do the math it would cost far less than what they are going or have already done. I am seeing alot of comments regarding sweeping things under the rug. I totally agree. The school should worry about all of the things that are happening on campus and have been going on for some time now. i know first hand I have kids that are in theat school. They seem to be centered on things that happen OFF school property which of course I beleive it is none of their concern considering that fact of the things that are ignored on campus. School officials it is time that you ALL WOKE UP AND SMELL YOUR COFFEE. At any given time take a trip to the school and see for your self.

Anonymous said...

it is so easy to blame the staff at KHS however this needs to be a joint effort with school staff and parents . i don't envy their job with the blantant disrespect alot of those kids have parents need to support the school staff when it comes to discipline instead of crying not fair all the time. parents can be very invovled with a students activity and behavior at school e-mail and other methods are available with teachers and other staff there just needs to be open comunications.