Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Teetsel Looses His Cool...Makes Fool of Self

Alderman Albert Teetsel lost his cool tonight attacking me before I even had a chance to walk into the Common Council's Chambers. Teetsel railed off at me, saying that I unfairly attacked him over his attendance record. Alderman Teetsel screamed that he had missed meetings because of a personal family matter not because he was slacking off. First, I had a very similar thing happen in my family at the same time as Teetsel did..actually a week apart, so I am certainly sympathetic to him.

With that being said, Teetsel's poor attendance record is only half of the reason why he is a poor law maker. Teetsel is a dead beat Alderman and does nothing for his ward or for Kingston. Teetsel sits at his seat and votes with the majority...never questions anything or speaks up for anything. Matter of fact if he did not confront me tonight, I'm not sure, I would know what his voice sounded like.

Alderman Teetsel if you don't want to do the job than don't run for the office...you were given a free ride this time, enjoy it, it will not happen again.


UCP said...

Why didn't you record it?

bill berardi said...

Mr. Teetsel has a good background and experience in an industry which continually downsizes, reorganizes and cuts costs and improves customer service to survive. It is a real shame that his experience has not yet been used to the benefit of City taxpayers.

Jacob's Gas said...

True, I think Teetsel can be a
little 'crude' at times....And
yes he does play both sides when
it comes to the Democrats and Sottile......

But I will give him this he does
not take his marching orders from
the bleach blond or Little Richie

BTW If is were Teetsel I would have punched Little Richie in the mouth over that nasty email.

But yet Teetsel has a council seat and Richie does not

Anonymous said...

He was given a free ride because Democrats can count on him for support, also, the Democratic committee leader in his ward didn't want anyone running against him. Everyone knows she is a closet republican and dummer than ....

Anonymous said...

i didn't make it to the meeting last night but I would loved to have seen Al flame you. Not that you deserve it but rather to see him "lose it". He likes being Mr. nice guy...he is old enough to be Jimmy Sottile's father and wonder if he goes over to his house for Sunday afternoon BBQ's where he then gets the "marching orders" for the week from Sottile.

Jeremy, you are right. I don't think his record is anything to be proud of. He has never voted against the majority. He is a "majority voter". He is not a leader but a follower. I think he is afraid of the likes of Senor and Reynolds. Just wait until he gets on Landi's bad side. Charlie will take him out back and knock him around.

Plain and simple he is no minority leader - at this point.

Anonymous said...

The only minority he leads is all of the low income, system using degenerates that Sottile and the gang have brought into town!
They are all good at making thier lives comfy, why worry about the tax paying citizens?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, what is great is that Al will read your blog again and get even more upset with this latest post.

Watch out............


Anonymous said...

Teetsel's an asshole. I would of knocked him the f' out.

Jacob's Gas said...

Just love it when Cahill
does a post [see 1119] One thing I
will say about Cahill is he never
sucked up to Sottile like Teetsel
and Senor does.

One must not learn to trust Senor
he goes right back to the GOP with info.

insidecityGOPer said...

You are right.....Senor feeds us info all the time

Jeremy Blaber said...

1148: I'm not worried about Ol' Teetsel.

Anonymous said...

How about if you want to take a pot shot and bash someone or call them some derogatory term you have the courage to put your own name down with the comment? Grow up, man up or shut up.

Jacob's Gas said...

In a year from now Teetsel will
have to have his diapers changed.

Have you ever talked to him.....Does he smoke weed

Jacob's Gas said...

I did put my name down

It's 'Jacob's Gas'

Cant you fuc@ing read?

insidecity GOPer said...

Between AL and Old Bob Senor.............

We get our info

Yankee James said...


I would've paid good money to see that!

The "squeeky wheel" gets the grease!

Keep up the good work Jeremy!

Anonymous said...

to 10:45 am - interesting that you call the Ward Chair a closet republican - she was told by the party leaders to give him a free ride because Al is a closet Democrat. If she didn't like the party leaders and didn't want to go along with them, don't you think she would've given Al some opposition? And besides, if you know the demographics of the ward, it's not easy to get a Dem elected in that ward - they haven't had a Dem represent that ward in a long time. Since Sottile and Gollnick like Al, they wouldn't have worked to help unseat him - just ask the previous candidate.

Anonymous said...

The moderator should remove any personal attacks made by people on this blog if the sender does not have the courage to sign his or her name. So far as I can recall dummer is not a word but I think the cowardly writer meant dumber which is a derivative of dumb which is a simple four letter word. It is interesting that a cowardly anonymous writer is incapable of spelling a simple four letter word and is insinuating that another person is dumb? At least the ward chair has a bachelors in education and had close to a 4.0.... and I betcha (intentional) she can spell dumber

Jeremy Blaber said...

To be honest,I hope the Ward Chair Amee Peterson would run..either her or Gartenstien would beat Teetsel in a walk.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Teetsel is an absent Alderman and takes what he has for granted. My son is a Supreme Court Judge so I know what a good public servant looks like. My Alderman does nothing. I hope that he is thrown out of office.

Anonymous said...

I do hope the City Democrats put
someone up in two years

Anonymous said...

4:15--and what is your name?????

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

I was not the 11:19 poster as alleged. When I post, I have the guts to sign my name to it.

Second, I did send an e-mail to the City Chair and recommended Polacco for Minority Leader. She then turned it over to Hugh Reynolds. Disgraceful.

The e-mail was not an attack against Al. I happen to like and respect the guy. I just felt Ron was more likely to stand up to the administration. Based on last night's meeting, I think I was proven right. Ron was the only one who voted against the boots.


From what I hear Rich Cahill
said that Teetsel was under
'Treatment'. The man had a major
loss this year. That is low.

The fact is this Cahill will screw
and use anyone anytime for his own gain. Now that the Freeman is not calling him every day. So now he
is going to screw Jacob's for the
Kingston City GOP Chair.

Richie needs love I guess he aint
getting it.

Dan Gartenstein said...

Just a few thoughts.

I met Al shortly after my family moved to the community almost ten years ago.

He was welcoming, kind and helpful. I worked with Al when I was on the library board, he volunteered his time and was knowledgable and insightful regarding the financial issues the library was facing.

I had regular dealings with Al when I was president of the school board. He listened to all sides of issues, he did not jump to conclusions, he did not overreact when the school board made decisions that he did not agree with. He understood that decisions by public boards are made by the group not by an individual and he understood that the decisions of the majority must be respected whether or not an individual agrees.

I spoke with Al on a fairly regular basis when my landlord and legal colleague Chris Burns was our alderman. When Chris was given the nomination, Al was clearly disappointed. Nevertheless, he remained committed and involved and he waited to run for the seat until Chris was forced out.

During the time he has been Alderman, he has promptly returned my calls when I have had concerns. He has continued to be the welcoming and polite neighbor who is generous with his time and always willing to listen to the opinion of a costituent. He has endured a terrible family tragedy and he remained committed to his position and contined to do his job.

Perhaps he missed an inordinate number of meetings. Perhaps he was not as vocal as people would have preferred. Given the tragedy he endured, it is not fair to hold his attendance record against him. Without personal experience of the type of tragedy that he suffered, it is not fair to cast stones.

I was repeatedly asked if I was willing to run against Al in November. While I would certainly be honored to serve on the council, I just completed a long and difficult term on the board of education and needed some time to refocus on my law practice and family.

Had I felt that my ward was not adequately represented, I would have put my interests aside, risked a divorce and agreed to run.

In years to come, schedule and time permitting, I may have a change of heart. For now, while I do not agree with Al's position on a number of issues, as a resident of the 1st Ward, I feel that he listens to my voice amd I believe that I am represented.

As to the negative comments about Ms. Peterson, I have not met a more dedicated and tireless worker for the party. She holds little if anything back regarding her own opinions and was born and raised a loyal democrat.

Anyone who believes she is a "closet" anything is either delusional or has never met her.

Anonymous said...

Since we are talking about free rides; what is all of this about the Parete gang?
They have been dividing Dems and bullying people for too long. I hear they have done some funny things with fundraising money. Set up separate accounts diverting Dem funds to help conservative candidates to run because they were friends. I also heard they owe a lot of money for rent and other things. I understand they have not filed with the state and folks have been asking since this summer about accounting irregularities. Secret meetings held in their headquters so that the Parete gang can stay in power.

Anonymous said...

TO: 7:16 AM

If you are such a GOP insider, as your name suggests [insidecityGOPer], you ought to know exactly what the Cahill letter said - not "what I hear".

Where is Jean Jacobs? Why isn't she yelling about Sottile's boots and his request for a pay raise?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

To the so-called GOP insider you obviously is not, you have heard incorrectly. I never said anything of the sort.

Get your facts straight before you take shots at someone.

forgetabout it said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

forgetabout it is a pussy - you trash Dan and Amy but don't have the balls to give your real name. I know both of them - neither are lukewarm Dems or useless. And, if you're calling them names, you must be a Bradley supporter - so that means you have no balls and no brains.

forgetaboutit said...

11:54 - and who are you??

Jeremy Blaber said...

"Forgetaboutit" I deleted your previous comment. Mr. Gartenstein is a good guy who brought stability to the Kingston School Board and while I do not have first hand knowledge, I hear he is a top notch attorney. Your comments about his job and service as a public servant are uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

Sennett Kosover Gardenstien, I guess if your a Jewish lawyer Blaber will stick up for you.

Anonymous said...

<<"Sennett Kosover Gardenstien, I guess if your a Jewish lawyer Blaber will stick up for you.">>

That's funny the racist yankee (lame) james usually signs his name.

Yankee James said...

10:36 PM, not usually...ALWAYS!

I didn't write that. Rest assured that if I did...I'd have no problem putting my name to it. (like you and some of these other spineless weasels)

Ask Cahill...he'll tell you that I put my name to everything I post. (and he deletes) Right Cahill?