Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blaber Picks Up Two Key Endorsements

Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner and Ulster County Legislator Jeanette Provenzano have endorsed my bid for a seat on the Kingston School Board. Legislator Provanzano represents most of the City of Kingston in the County Legislature; Supervisor Woerner is the head of the Town of Ulster, which is the second biggest town in Kingston's Consolidated School District. I'm honored and humbled that they both put their faith in me and my candidacy.

In our ever changing communities we need to elect leaders who will work for our best interest. From local government to the White House, we need leaders who know the issues and have comprehensive solutions to the problems we face. This is even true of our local school board. Our board makes decision each day which affect the current and future leaders of our communities. That is why I stand side by side with my friend and support Jeremy Blaber for School Board. Jeremy’s ability to comprehend the complex issues that we face, make him an ideal choice to serve as a member of the School Board. I stand committed to working hard for the people of the Town of Ulster and I know Jeremy shares my same vision of our shared constituency. Please join me in electing true and compassionate leadership for our children. Please elect Jeremy Blaber for Kingston School Board.

Nick Woerner, Town of Ulster Supervisor

I think Jeremy is a good choice for School board. He has the energy and can relate and will listen to the students in the Kingston consolidated school district. He also understands the burden high property tax puts on our Seniors. I supported Jeremy the first time and will do so again.

- Jeanette Provenzano, Ulster County Legislator


Vanilla Clint said...

Jeremy you are the man.
The man with the plan.
To save all the young kid's
in our great land.
Walking and talking is the
best you can do.
Whatever you are you are so
damm cool.
A bright young man kicking it
just like Obama can.
You have got my vote.
That is my gift to you.
And I know Clint is proud of you.

One Love
One People
One Vision

I send this one out to my big pun
much love from Henry St

BeenThereDoneThat said...

Political endorsements mean NOTHING as popularity is not transferable. Politics is no different from the stock market-- what goes up must come down.

Anonymous said...

When Democrats don't endorse Democrats, that's worth blogging. Sorry, Jeremy, these endorsements are window dressing.

Anonymous said...

and he pulled all the negative comments about woerner from a previous post. This means nothing.

Anonymous said...

i herd that mr. woerner didnt like jeremy why does he now?