Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Obama's Sour Grapes

From time to time we have to use the Sour Grapes picture when a public offical dserves it, this time we use it on Senator Obama. The Obama campaign is now complaining to the Nevada Dems about Senator Clinton's 'unfair Campaign tactics' and the more than 300 complaints that were recieved on election day.

This is nothing more then sour grapes on Senator Obama's part. Did Hillary complain about the Iowa caucus? Give me a break Brack, you lost fair and square.

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3. Barack Obama


Anonymous said...

You are not correct. The Clintons complained after they lost the Iowa Caucus. From the Desmoine Register (David Yepsen January 10, 2008) :

"Hillary Clinton finished third in Iowa and has complained about people being disenfranchised by the caucus system because they couldn't take off from work to participate".

There has been griping by the Clintons concerning media coverage today. You're posting is not accurate or fair.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the Clintons remarked about the Obama people using strongarm tactics in Iowa. We saw the rabid Obamans in Nevada live on CNN. Now the Obama people accuse the Clintons of strongarming in Nevada,but they filed official complaints. Should the Clintons have filed first in Iowa? It wouldn't have changed the outcome. Nevada won't change. SC is the last stop for Obama. His ticket is punched. The media bias against the Clintons stopped today because of threats from people like me,not the Clintons themselves. Edwards is getting coverage too,because he was being shut out by pushy chicago style tactics on the media. The Obama people have shown themselves to be thugs and Barack himself got caught lying in the last debate. Better now than in October.

Anonymous said...

You are so bent on Hillary you have lost any sense of perspective...she has been complaining about everything for two months. Just because it comes out of her husband's mouth and not hers does not make a difference. For every one of Obama's complaints, the Clintons have made ten. If you are going to talk about this race you should try to be fair. From what I have heard about you it is a hard thing for you to do...if Obama has sour grapes what would you call the Clintons raisins.

Anonymous said...

10:33-Two months? Have any examples to back that up? I doubt it. As for Obama, his lies come straight from his mouth and fail the fact-checking on CNN. I would have supported his nomination a few weeks ago, even with his slimy tactics and nasty supporters. Now, no democrat can justify putting a pathological liar in the WH.