Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mayor Giuliani Drops Bid for White House

Tonight New York Mayor dropped his bid for the White House after a very disappointing finish in Florida. Giuliani ignored the early States and invested major resources in Florida where he once held a large 25 point lead.

Let's face it, Giuliani has no one to blame but himself, when he entered the race he was the front runner and had a ton of support. Giuliani ran an extremely awful campaign, the more people he met the more support he lost. Giuliani was very arrogant to think that he could run the campaign that he ran and still win the GOP nomination.

I don't think we have ever seen a Presidential campaign go down hill so fast for no real reason. America's Mayor is expected to endorse Senator John McCain tomorrow in California.


Anonymous said...

Good, I hope old George can help Rudy out and keep him on the payroll till he reaches full retirement age.

Anonymous said...

Rudy wouldn't commit his own resources and time because he knew that without the theocratic base, no republican can win. He's throwing his support behind McCain but it won't help. It would be a fantastic thing for our nation to rid ourselves of our subversive godhead element. Let's hope the remaining republicans rip out the rug from McCain. With the republicans at less than 25% of our population now and the evangelicals at about half that, it should be smooth sailing for a democrat of any race or gender.

Anonymous said...

I think there were plenty of reasons for Giuliani's campaign to crash.

BeenThereDoneThat said...

"America's Mayor" found out that politics is quite similar to the stock market-- what goes up, must come down. Oh well! On to the next venture.