Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Alderwoman Cruella DiBella is at it again, this time she wants to shut down the live call in shows on KPA. Cruella told one producer that he better enjoy the shows while he can because they're going.

Why is Cruella trying to muffle free speech? Not really Democratic if you ask me. Do I agree with Alderman Cahill or Alderman Walker when they go on and blast the Mayor and City Dems? Of course not. But free speech is an important thing, whether it be on a blog, in a newspaper, radio or on KPA.

When I had my show, I promoted local Dems, especially DiBella and now that I'm back I will continue to do so.

I think it behooves Cruella to attend a KPA commission meeting or start a show and actually get involved in the process..Lisa Alt, the Chair of the commission would take any help she can get. I agree with DiBella, changes need to be made. People who are not entitled to an hour show should not have one. I would even be in favor of the City Council looking into passing some sort of fairness doctrine if allowed by law, to make sure there is an even balance of political shows.

I urge people to e-mail Cruella at ward5@ci.kingston.ny.us and encourage her to take a second look at KPA before she tries to destroy live programing.


Anonymous said...

Ch23 Monday Night Show is now inviting You. Hillary's stays at home.:)

Anonymous said...

If so, why? Put more wood on the fire.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments Jeremy. This is an area that needs Public Access and needs it's officials to support it.

More now than ever, the public needs a voice in it's affairs between elections. I get a strong sense from common folk that neither the station nor the call in shows will go away. This is not an argument to be won or lost but a necessary outlet to be utilized and improved.

I am a long time supporter of Mrs. DiBella but on this one we differ and neither of us is the sole deposit of truth. That's why we have public access and call in shows, and one of the principled reasons I got involved...smitty

Anonymous said...

I for onw would like to thank
Alderwoman DiBella for seeing
how KPA has been mis managed
and held at bay by producers
who has said they will bring a lawsuit against Kingston.....If
they had to go down to one half
hour.... The same people that say
they 'love or city' want to hurt it.

The final straw came last November
when the City Republicans used KPA
for a 'rally' saying it was a 'fundraiser'.

It is clear Lisa Alt cannot control
or is just scared of the crew that has taken over KPA.

I urge all citizens of Kingston to Contact Mayor Sottile or Alderman
Ringwood, Landi, Whitlock, Reynolds
and Madsen and tell them once an for all to stop this nonsence.

The other three 'Alderman' take there orders from the City GOP

Anonymous said...

Though there are far too many call-in shows on KPA, Cruella overestimates her power and authority. She can't control the format or the content.

Bill Berardi said...

If Alderwoman DiBella or any other politician can't tolerate criticism they should resign. This is why soldiers fight and die - Freedom.

Anonymous said...

May G-D Bless Alderwoman DiBella

Yankee James said...

Who the hell does this woman think she is?!!!

It's because of people like her that The Hudson Valley Freeman exists. Now she wants someone to "test" the system?

Stay tuned...

Shelly Zimbler said...

Public Access is vital to this community. Live call in shows are educational, entertaining and need public support.For our politicians to again attempt to limit free speech is not a journey that they should consider. I have supported the administration on many areas, but when they believe that by closing down or reducing the time of these shows, it has to be from fear. We all know that freedom is not free. It might be time to recall some of the F words from FDR. Freedom of speech and expression and Freedom from fear. What is our Sage and Learned Administration afraid of. It is time for the concerned citizens of our great city to call their representatives to stop this road against free speech. It is also time to contact these same individuals who represent us and tell them to find money within the budget to support the station financially. The dollars received from Time Warner Cable are close to $400,000.00 per year. Rather than attempt to close the station, support it and enable the city to showcase itself. As the Producer of City & County,I have hosted National Celebrities, Military Heroes, State and Local officials. I will close by inviting members of the administration to appear Live on my show to debate their reasons to revise the rules and regulations of a commission that they themselves appointed as members

Anonymous said...

What the Distinguished Former Alderman of the 1St Ward must
understand is that it is the
Commission that is not doing there
jobs. Public Access is a great tool. One must only look to
Rhinebeck to see the outstanding
programs that they have on. One
can also look at the great guests they have on.

Alderman Zimbler's show is a class act. He had on people within the
investment and banking community and I found his show educational.

But if one watches on Monday Night
we see a people that add nothing to our community but only to put people down and release flagulation. Let's have some class in Kingston and shut it down

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

She's a typical liberal. Her attitude is that if the people who have shows won't agree with her, she'll try to shut it down. I thought Democrats were supposed to be in favor of free speech. I thought Democrats were the party of open-minded tolerance.

Unless some of you Democrats come out against this proposal, then I must conclude that the conventional wisdom is wrong.

Anonymous said...

to 5:29PM If freedom bothers you so much, don't watch!

Anonymous said...

Fairness doctrine balanced shows? sounds more like Marx to me

Anonymous said...

So, by "having class", I take it you mean don't be a CONSERVATIVE??

Bob Smith said...

Dear 8:44 am
Regarding the fundraiser that you
now refer to as a rally, let's not do too much revisionist history on the event. All of the Democrats were invited to attend,(some personally and others by phone) and their participation would have been welcome.

I made every effort to make it a bi-partisan telethon.

Yankee James said...

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...
"She's a typical liberal. Her attitude is that if the people who have shows won't agree with her, she'll try to shut it down. I thought Democrats were supposed to be in favor of free speech."

LMFWAO!!! Reminds me of someone around here! ;)

Anonymous said...

To little dick:
Those who support free speech only when it assures that they can speak miss the entire point.
Once again, grow up or just go away.

Jacob's Gas said...

Mr. Cahill

How many times DO YOU hang up on someone when they dont see things your way?

Jacob's Gas said...

Mr. Smith,

I saw the entire show. You let
Cahill, Jacobs, Walker and the
rest of the Republicans do or say
anything they want. To bash the current administration and members
of the Democratic Party.

Mr. Smith,

Why would any Democrat with any
respect go on your 'fundraiser'?

You could have set the ground rule's but you made a choice not

I give the Hon Alderwoman DiBella
a lot of credit..... This KPA
board let's somepeople do what they want.......But you kick the
only Democrat off Jeremy Blaber.

It also looks the Council has the
votes to do away with your 'Commission' .

Jacob's Gas said...

What I meant by saying 'having class'. Was I could do without
the belching, picking of the nose
or the passing of wind [Flagulation].

I does bother me when people from outside of the area view this
'shanty' acts.

If the person who does this on Monday Night Please do it someplace
else... Like 'Flow' or the 'Cozy'

Anonymous said...

You know, Cahill did tell everyone about Blaber being on that night, so he cant be all that bad!
But the reason this women wants it off the air is because Mr Mayor is too much of a wuss to tackle the issues that these shows complain about.
He has no comments on any of the bulls*@t that he tried to sell the people before the elections.
Kirkland...still not done and useless!
Sailors Cove..for what? for who? why?
The big hotel downtown....gone
Armor dynamics...5 employees no contracts yet...
Parking garage debacle...for who?.. for what..why?
Yet we still have denegerates running the streets, gunshots fired weekly, taxes skyrocketing, political corruption running wild, roads that are collapsing and painted like a watercolor in kidergarten( see broadway near gov clinton hotel!), unplowed roads days after a storm, no businesses or jobs ( hell even the alderwomens husband had to go elsewhere to survive), scandals at the big house on broadway, the list goes on and on...
But these fools can take the time to complain because someone is calling them out?
Focus on an issue Dibella that needs a solution, and stop worrying that someone actually can see what a failure you and this administration really are!

bob smith said...

To Jacobs Gas:

Please feel free to work for or against the commission. Come out and identify yourself and get Jimmy to appoint you.

I have a full life and a great big family I very much enjoy.

Volunteer work that leads to resentments and wasted time? I'm far too old and very content to sit home and watch other people pick their nose, or go to the Kozy and sing Karaoke.Your welcome to my spot just come out of the shadows and take it.

I'm sure not in it for the glory or the money.Good luck.

Jacob's Gas said...

Mr. Smith,

I am not in in for the 'glory'
or 'money'

I am just a person who speaks the truth.

Maybe you should watch Monday Night
at 9PM

bob smith said...

Jacobs gas

I do watch on Monday Nights and I'm not trying to win an argument. I'm trying to work on a solution.

In bashing the messenger you may want to consider a quick course in basic logic.

All parties were invited to the telethon.
Only the Republicans showed up
THEREFORE Only Republicans were on the show.

I'm a lifelong Democrat and can't poke holes in that one.

I like , respect and enjoy Jeremy and you need to ask him why he was off the air for a time.

I might be very wrong about all of this but besides growing up as we are encouraged to do on this and other blogs, we really need to speak up, stand up and contribute to the solution.

Any and all intelligent observers can point out the problem...

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is an extremely important constitutional right, and whether one is for or against KAPA programming, the station serves a vital purpose in that regard.

The telethon was the result of a lot of hard work and extra effort for all of the KAPA commissioners, who do not, by the way, get paid for their time or efforts, which in and of itself speaks of high personal (on the part of commission members) integrity [one of whom I know well (Hi "Smitty!" :)--- and can vouch for personally.]

Local high profile Democrats (along with the rest of the folks in the community) "have" been encouraged to engage with KAPA. Local high profile Democrats (along with the rest of the folks in the community) "were" encouraged to participate in the
telethon. If they choose not to, that was (and/or is) their choice. This does not reflect poorly on KAPA, which, by the way, did a very good job of representing the people, at the telethon, that DID choose to get involved.

Can KAPA be criticized and improved upon? Sure. But is this not true of any organization? Is this not true of those (be they Democrat or Republican) who are getting paid (and all-too-often failing miserably) to SERVE THE PEOPLE of Kingston?

What KAPA DOES need is the funding and the full range of participation that it deserves.

Or are we in the business now of even putting VOLUNTEERS - people who care enough to SHOW UP and speak up - and provide an open forum for expression, brainstorming, and possible commuinty solutions - out of work?????????????????????????

Sometimes I wonder if Kingston, NY, as a whole, is being utilized as some sort of pilot program?

Sometimes I wonder how much repression and corruption people will take before they finally do (Will they ever? Is this a test?)
say NO MORE?

As far as the criticisms posted here regarding KAPA, I think the following quote "might" apply:

"Those whom we cannot exploit we denounce [as] selfish" (Paul Eldridge; "Maxims For A Modern Man"; 1965).

Freedom of speech is a tool against repression, oppression, and corruption, and it would seem to me that we seriously need outlets (in fact, we need MORE of them...) like KAPA!

So... why is this discussion not about HOW to make KAPA even BETTER?

After all, we are all "a work in progress" --- and a box full of tools is preferable to ONE BIG HAMMER.

Is it not?

["Human beings have an inalienable right to invent themselves; when the right is pre-empted, it is called brainwashing" (Germaine Greer; "Real Lives...;" London "Times;" 2/1/1986.)]


Jacob's Gas said...

Mr. Smith,

Will you answer my question or will
you not?

Anonymous said...


Mr. Smith

Jacob's Gas said...

Mr. Smith,

Wow I did not really know KPA
really might fold and go away.

Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Time will tell, won't it?

But perhaps if you think of this blog - which you seem to enjoy as a vehicle of expression - shutting down - you would be more interested in maintaining free speech via KAPA - as well.

Not everyone has a computer, but most folks do have telephones.

This is NOT Smitty.

I'm just another concerned party that happens to believe KAPA is an important resource and outlet for the community.