Monday, July 07, 2008

All In A Days Work For Role Model Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum

When the news came that Ulster County Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum still works as a part-time Woodstock police officer it did sound unusual but not surprising for someone like Sheriff Van Blarcum. We are lucky to have a County Sheriff that is the most down to earth, hard working public servant Ulster County has ever witnessed.

When is the last time we have had a County Sheriff that is out on the street and not stuck up in his office. I will never forget the day I was driving in mid town Kingston and saw Sheriff Van Blarcum patrolling up and down on an ATV. That is just the type of guy he is.

That does not stop dud legislators like Glenn Noonan from taking their shots:

Republican Glenn Noonan, the minority leader of the County Legislature, disapproved of the moonlighting.

"Why would you run for sheriff if you are going to moonlight?" Noonan said. "I don't think it is appropriate when he is making $95,000. He should be devoting 24/7 toward the sheriff's department."

Van Blarcum responded in typical Van Blarcum fashion :

"It is not about the money," the sheriff said last week from his office in the county Law Enforcement Center in Kingston. It is not about retirement either, said the officer of 32 years. "They were there for me when I needed a part-time job and I am not letting them down now. " It is nothing that interferes with my day-to-day drills."

I'm proud to have a Sheriff like Paul Van Blarcum and people can take their political shots at him but there is no one in this County that can hold a candle to the work he and Under Sheriff Frank Faluotico have done since taking office in 2007.


Anonymous said...

You could not help taking a cheap shot at legislator Noonan. Instead of addressing the issues you waddle down into the gutter.

Anonymous said...

Noonan is a dud with a capital D. Who is he to attack our Sheriff?

Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding. He could do so much more as Sheriff and running his department to reduce crime than being a meter maid giving out tickets.

He should have stayed a deputy a job he can do. So who is running the department when he is giving out tickets?

Anonymous said...

Blaber, its no different than Lou Kirshner moonlighting as a caterer on the side either.

I think it sticks to the high heavens.

You would be making a mockery of it if both of these gents were GOP'ers too.

Anonymous said...

First of all Leg. Noonan is correct, and his opinion is supported by the new county charter under section C-83:

"The Sheriff, at all times during his term of office, shall be the qualified elector of the county and shall devote his full working time to the duties of the office."

Secondly, the county attorney is wrong in saying there is no policy prohibiting it. There are several out there, including his own written policy.

OF COURSE it enhances his forthcoming generous pension.

If the deputies pba were truly in control, they could argue for the equal pay of $96k, since he is simply a $96K patrol deputy, and is taking away overtime opportunities from much lower paid deputies. It is no wonder there have not been serious consequences... yet.

Who is leading the staff when he is out n the ATV, the boat or writing tickets? What if he gets hurt? Who takes charge? His appointed sidekick?

As far as holding candles up, that will be settled soon enough. I am confident there exists experienced police leaders who are waiting to evict him and his APPOINTED side-kick.

Anonymous said...

To: 8:25PM -

Oh yea? What about your boy Rich Gerintine who was the County Legislative Chairman/Aid to a State Assemblyman/ Bridge Authority Commissioner and Affordable Housing Developer all at the same time. Give us a break. Van Blarcum and Kirschner get the job done. Is your candidate Quigley going to give up his 2 Million Dollar a year job if hell freezes over and he manages to buy the County Comptrollership? Or is Bernard going to stop working at the skating rink and spraying the disinfectant in the skates on a Saturday Christian only skate night?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Paul. You should be available full-time as the Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

so if he is not worried about the money who and what has he been donating the money to ?

Anonymous said...

Now all the government workers under the guise of saving gas who will be paid for 4 ten hour days but really only be there for 3 five hour days can moolight and take away taxpayers jobs in the private sector.

Anonymous said...

Give me a brake people. Is the Sheriff not entitled to time off? The Sheriff can be contacted 24/7 by the Under Sheriff if need be. In the event the Sheriff is not working, the Under Sheriff is more than capable of handling any problem that should arrise.
So if the Sheriff wants to work on his time off instead of, say fishing, he can do so. His salary is irrelevant! As far as Van Blarcum being a $96k Deputy, that is nothing more than a disrespectful shot at our top law enforcment official. He and the under sheriff are doing a top-notch job! Let's focus on more important County issues/business.