Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Show Of The Money for Exec and Comptroller Races


County Executive

Mike Hein:

Total Raised : 80, 805.00

This Quarter : 51, 580.00

Len Bernardo :

Has not filled a disclosure report. According to a Bernardo campaign official, this is a problem with the State and out of Bernardo's control. These things are not uncommon, and I give Bernardo the benefit of the doubt.

County Comptroller:

Elliott Auerbach:

Total Raised : 14, 220.00

This Quarter: 14,220.00

James Quigley:

Total Raised $0

We don't know how much Bernardo has raised at this point so it's hard to comment on the Executive race, although I'm willing to bet that Mike Hein has raised a significant amount more than Bernardo and will continue to RAISE more money than Bernardo throughout the campaign. I put the word "raise" in big letters because there is no question in my mind that Bernardo has a lot of money and will outspend Hein's campaign with his own money.

Which brings me to the Comptroller's race, first Elliott Auerbach just started his campaign and he will raise a lot of money by the next filling. Quigley on the other hand has been in this race for almost as long as Auerbach and has not raised a single dollar. Quigley has given his campaign 17,500 and there is plenty more where that came from.

However, there is a difference in having a candidate raise 100,000 and having a candidate spend 100,000 of their own money. Quigley can easily throw around his money on print ads and bury his opponent very quickly in print and tv media. But, that is not the same thing as a candidate that is able to convince people to invest in his/her campaign. If Bernardo and Quigley think they can buy this election with their own money they are sadly mistaken.

While it's early, specifically in the Comptroller's race, I'm willing to make a predication that Mike Hein and Elliott Auerbach will both be outspent but they will raise more money than their two opponents.

In the end though, the money raised and spent only goes so far, the public has to like you and trust that you will do the job they are electing you to. If money was the do all end all in elections, Costello would be our Sheriff, Nausbaum our family court Judge, and Bradley our DA.


Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of Jimmy Quigley's sock draw? All the money in the land will not buy him this election!

Anonymous said...

Think of this analogy, "Money talks and BS walks". Now give some thought about how a NYC billionaire businessman, who never held public office before, spent 70 million dollars of his own money to be elected and then reelected to the office of New York City Mayor. Bloomberg has repeated stated "he's his own man and not beholden to anybody." By spending his own funds that reinforces that statement." 4 out of 5 registered voters in NYC are Democratic. Bloomberg ran as a Republican-Independence candidate.Did he "buy" the election? Yes, he did. Are the people of NYC contented with his performance as Mayor? Yes, they re-elected him to his last term by a wide margin.

Anonymous said...

Campaign contributions = jobs promised to the good ol' boys?

Anonymous said...

You sure put a lot of emphasis on money. Are you implying elections MUST be bought?

I think it is a sad state of affairs, when so much importance is placed on how much and how well a candidate can raise money. Their ability to raise money, shows NOTHING of their ability to govern. I'd say it show more of their ability to beg, cheat, and steal.

My vote is NOT for sale.

Anonymous said...

If Quigley was a Democrat, you'd praise him for self-financing an say that he was saving voters money in these tough economic times.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

Mr. Blaber, you are correct. Money does not guarantee election victory. The trust of the people who will be casting their ballots in November does. The people of Ulster County, however, are fed up with business as usual. People are tired of the way politicians do things.

Over the past several years, local elected officials have made it a mantra to declare at chicken barbeques, at pancake preakfasts, in media interviews and wherever people will listen that "I am not a politician." They recognize the fact that the voters have had enough of politicians saying one thing and doing another.

In the minds of many voters, anyone who is connected to that self-corrupting system is suspect. Unfortunately for Messrs. Hein and Auerbach, they have that connection and the voters know it.

Even though this is the first County Executive race, Mr. Hein is being viewed - more or less - as the incumbent by virtue of the fact that he is the current County Administrator (this may not be completely fair, but perception IS reality in politics). His tax increases and the fact that County Government in Ulster just doesn't work will be a drag on his candidacy, like it or not.

Mr. Auerbach will likewise be facing some very tough questions with regard to the economic catastrophe that is the Village of Ellenville. Whether or not he can convince people that Ellenville's economic woes are not his fault will be a key factor in his candidacy. Ignoring the questions is not a viable option.

Messrs. Bernardo and Quigley have no such baggage to weigh them down and are, therefore, able to focus on their plans for the County. By virtue of the differing natures of the campaigns, the Bernardo/Quigley campaigns will seem far more positive and upbeat to the voters.

What makes things even more difficult for for Messrs. Hein and Auerbach is their deficit in qualifications compared to their opponents. This is not a criticism, just an analysis. Both Messrs. Bernardo and Quigley have run very successful business and financial ventures and have shown their aptitude for using funds efficiently. Messrs. Hein and Auerbach cannot point to any ventures with nearly the level of success of their opponents (if they can point to any successful business experience at all, they have yet to do so).

The questions of records of success vs. records of failures and strong qualifications vs. less strength on that front will eventually have to be answered.

Democrats are counting on the fact that there are more enrolled members in their Party than in the Republican Party in Ulster County. That is no more a guarantee of success than money spent.

The non-enrolled voters (roughly on par with the Republicans and Democrats in terms of numbers) will decide this election. Those are people who are even more fed up with the way the game is played than those of us enrolled in a Party.

You're right, money will not guarantee victory. Neither will wishful thinking or enrollment numbers. Qualifications and a plausible distancing of the candidates from the Establishment will.

On both fronts, Len Bernardo and James Quigley are the frontrunners.

Anonymous said...

What is Len's excuse for not posting his earnings in time?

Anonymous said...

What's Hein's excuse for producing the county budget on time?

Anonymous said...

Point of this should be that one sells his soul to raise money OWES people a return on their investment. A self financed campaign owes no oneand could lead to a better goverment for the real people

Anonymous said...

In Ulster County, exec candidates disclose finances
By Paul Brooks
Times Herald-Record
July 17, 2008 6:00 AM
KINGSTON — Candidates for Ulster County's new executive job have raised nearly $146,000 and the election is still four months away.

The campaigns were scheduled to file periodic financial disclosure forms with the state Board of Elections Tuesday.

Mike Hein's records were on time. Len Bernardo was still working to get his filed. Hein is the Democratic candidate; Bernardo is an Independence Party candidate and is endorsed by the local Republican and Conservative parties. Allan Wikman of Kingston is circulating independent nominating petitions to get on the November ballot.

He said he is waiting to raise funds and file disclosure forms.

Hein, the current county administrator, holds a slim advantage in fund-raising.

He and his campaign have taken in nearly $76,000 in contributions and spent just over $41,000, according to the July 15 financial filings. Most of the 208 contributors gave him $200 or less, but eight donated $1,000. The Western Mohegan Tribe and Nation at the Tamarack in Greenfield Park made the largest donation to Hein: $1,250.

He has $35,254 on hand, the statement said.

Hein could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Kingston lawyer Eli Basch gave Hein $1,000.

"He is head and shoulders better than the other candidate at a minimum. He has done a marvelous job leading the county through difficult circumstances," he said.

Bernardo, a local businessman, has a little more than $69,000 in contributions.

The largest piece of that is $57,520 Bernardo has loaned to the campaign, his wife, Terry, said in an e-mail Wednesday. His campaign has spent close to $12,000 and has $57,865 on hand, she said.

Technical glitches prevented the campaign from filing its detailed financial reports on time. That data will be filed Thursday, she said.

Bernardo said he has been campaigning hard. "My message has been very well received," he said. "People are tired of the old politics."

Anonymous said...

What, the Mohegan Tribe? Weren't they the ones who want the Casino? I just might switch my vote to Hein! I WANT that casino

Anonymous said...

RE: "If money was the do all end all in elections, Costello would be our Sheriff..." then I submit if Sheriff's career qualifications and accomplishments were rightly considered, then Republican VanVliet would have been Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

8:40 what tax increases are you referring to? Be specific and source your facts.

Anonymous said...

Vanvliet is finished. He is unqualified and unelectable. The sheriff's office is still picking up after him.

Anonymous said...

VanVliet paid his dues on the street and rose through every police rank via exams. Not so with the current leadership. We are sure he is not finished. Next year will tell.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone raises money, does not mean it's a good thing. When you take money from people, it usually means that they expect something in return, especially if they are a business. I don't think it's a good thing that Mike Hein is taking money from Indians. I respect a candidate who self finances. I believe it means that they are putting their money where their mouth is. Why should other people who are struggling have to foot the bill for political campaigns? I like politicians, like Michael Bloomberg, who can not be bought. I also don't think all those people who donated to Hein really support Hein, I think that Kirschner and Spada shook them down for money. That is for sure a good old boy shake down.

cc: Ulster Politics

Anonymous said...

The pugs are hurtin' for supporters? I guess it's time for them to start bashing gays. Maybe a few jesus revivals.

Paul J. Van Blarcum said...

If Harry Van Vliet wanted to be sheriff he should have ran. If he still wants to be he can run in 2010. I also feel that people should leave there name for every comment that they send. Meand what you say and say what you mean. I for one have never been afraid to sign my name to any thing I write.

Anonymous said...

I like that Van Blarcum guy. He means what he says and says what he means.
Now where have I heard that before?

Anonymous said...

I like a Sheriff that doesn't take guff and refuses to back away from a challenge.

Sheriff Van Blarcum's record speaks for itself and he will be easily reelected in 2010.

Anonymous said...

again Hein had a head start on his politicing and last I new it was the amount of votes you had that won you a race and not the money in the race. Take note Quigley and Len don't need much money to take out Hein and Aurbutcher. They probably rather whipe there a$$ with there money then waiste it on something they know they are going to win.

Allan Wikman said...

Gentleman Paul Van Blarcum is too self-effacing, too modest, to negate that anonymous chicken who claimed only Van Vliet had "gone to school." In fact, Paul achieved EVERYTHING necessary, available, appropriate. It was that shanky, jealous Bocklemann who kept Paul from the "official" hierarchy, but not out the hearts of the two to one whipping he inflicted on Costello.

Allan Wikman
The i ndependent candidate to become Ulster's first-ever
County Executive; and to win
by a minimum of 54 percent of votes cast. Wanna bet guys and gals?