Monday, July 07, 2008

Give The People A Choice Mr. Mayor : Assemblyman Ball for 99th

It's rare I comment on a GOP primary but the circumstances surrounding the 99th Assembly district are rare and unusual. Incumbent Assemblyman Greg Ball lost his party's nomination for reelection to former Brewster Mayor John Degnan last month and is currently in a primary that if he loses, Degnan will walk into the seat, after receiving a cross endorsement by the Putnam Democratic committee.

Assemblyman Ball won his seat after crushing GOP incumbent Willis Stephans Jr., in an upset vote. Stephans' family held that Assembly seat for over 80 years.

Since taking office Assemblyman Ball has been a lightning rod in the State Assembly trying to bring reform to state government. Like any reformer he has come under fire by many people that reject anything less than politics as usual; including members of his own party.

There are not many issues that I agree with Greg Ball on but he is an Assemblyman that cares about his district and stands up for what is important to his constituency and deserves to be reelected.

Assemblyman Ball is hosting a fundraiser this Saturday:

A summertime 'must attend' event and coined 'the best party of the summer'! Set atop a hill in bucolic Putnam County this is a great party. Good food, tasty drinks, great company and lively music by local artists!

Saturday, July 12, 2008
12:00pm - 5:00pm
North Ridge Horse Farm
Route 311
Patterson, NY


Pete said...

Is Greg Ball the leader he says he is? What has he accomplished? Why should he be given a second chance when he squandered his first?
He surrounds himself with yes-men who do no favor to the Assemblyman by telling him every idea he has is great. They aren't. Look how he aligned himself with Spitzer and then spit in his eye.
Mr. Ball appears to be a maverick but look what happens out west. Mavericks are cut from the herd because they do nothing to support the common good and are only out for themselves.
Listen to your feelings Luke.

Anonymous said...

about the dumbest endorsement you have ever made in your life