Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rich Parete Mounts Challenge Against the Schreibman's

County Legislator Rich Parete has launched an effort to take back the Marbletown Democratic committee after it was hijacked by the Schreibman's many months ago, by challenging the committee seats of 9 "appointed" members of that committee. I'm glad the rank and file Democrats of Marbletown will be able to decide who represents them on the committee.

The Schreibman's who have been involved in Democratic politics for about 10 minutes, joined the Marbletown committee and almost immediately Shannon Schreibman was elected Chair. Shortly after a lot of members resigned as a result of the way the committee was run under the leadership of the Schreibman's. The vacancies where filled with Schreibman cronies, and Rich Parete, Peter Kraft along with many others that disagreed with the Schreibman's were thrown off the committee.

Julian and Shannon also happened to put themselves in the district of Marbletown that has the highest weighted vote. Could that be because Julian is running for chairman of the County party??

Julian and Shannon Schreibman are trying to strong arm their way into the Democratic party with their Machiavellian style politics to further their own political ambitions. Julian's life long goal is to be District Attorney, he will use and step on anyone to achieve that goal including the entire county committee. We as a party can not let Julian use the Chairmanship as a stepping stone to higher office. Julian has never run a campaign or raised a single can he run the County Committee?

The way the Schreibman's have run the Marbletown Democratic committee is only a glimpse of the failed leadership that the Democratic party would suffer under a Schreibman chairmanship.

It will be interesting to see how the Schreibman's do in a primary against Rich Parete and Jenna Knudsen, two well respected people with strong ties to Marbletown. If Schreibman can't win a committee seat in his own town, how can he expect to lead the County Party?

I strongly encourage all residents of Marbletown to support Rich Parete, Jenna Knudsen and their entire ticket. More info as it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like what Jean Jacobs tried to do with the Kingston Republican Committee.

Anonymous said...

Schreibman worked for Republicans almost all of his career. Schreibman has a record of losing cases in the Ulster County DA's office. Schreibman is a little sneak who always plays the poor little victim. Let's not forget that he's run a campaign for a total of one month....lot of experience there.

Israel said...

April 07 --- Having no previous involvement in the Democratic party, Julian enters race for DA, as a "liberal Democrat"

May 07- Clear to most that Julian is a Conservative Democrat that has no business seeking the office he is running for.

June 07 ---- Julian trounced at the Democratic convention, vows primary.

June 07--- Julian accuses Vincent Bradley Jr., of threatening his position within the DA office

July 07 -- Julian drops bid for DA, trashes process and accuses Chairman John Parete of corruption. Stops short of endorsing Sennett, does nothing for the party and disappears in thin air.

January 08-- Julian slowly slithers back like a snake in the grass.

March 08 -- We get a glimpse of how Julian would run things as chair; him and his wife take over the Marbletown Democratic committee and Legislator Rich Parete is immediately thrown off.

June 08 --
Jonathan Sennett tests the waters for a run for County Chairman

June 08 -.03 seconds later --- Schreibman has an e-mail go out by a supporter saying that he will run for Chair. Julian claims a day later his supporter should not have sent the letter out we don't need any distractions but yeah he's running.

June 08 - people try to digest how a guy who has been around for about 10 minutes and has zero experience, thinks he should lead a party that Parete, the current Chair built from dust.

June 08 -- An e-mail surfaces attacking Parete and Sennett, encouraging all Dem committee members to support Julian for Chair. A day later Julian denies involvement and again stresses that we can't have distractions. Julian accuses Jeremy Blaber, a staunch Sennett supporter of sending out the e-mail. We should believe the mad little scientist because he has "forensic evidence" to back up his claims.

say no way to Julian.

Anonymous said...

Schreibman is in serious trouble. Both Screibman's will lose.

Anonymous said...

Rich is a HUGE pain in the ass.
But he would certainly have my vote. He's served his time and is honestly committed. Even though he's a huge pain in the ass.

Israel said...

I would rather have people like Rich Parete who do what they believe is best for the community rather than for their own benefit or ego.
I'll support that pain in the butt anytime.

Anonymous said...

To 8:14 PM--You don't know what you are talking about. Ms. Jacobs is all about following policy and procedure. If committeemen don't walk the walk, why bother carrying them along for the ride? Some could be tagged as "has beens" and should have been put out to pasture years ago. Know the facts before you make a comment like that.

Anonymous said...

Schreibman for DA? Laughable. Go to the public records at the clerk's office and look up all of the dismissals and losing trials he had. More than anyone in the history of that office for his 3 yrs or so there. Also, google the Wade Thompson case. Schreibman's famous blunder where he took a rape case to trial even though he knew (or should have known) about the "victim's" previous sex abuse complaint in another county which she fabricated. As a New Paltz resident and SUNY grad, I feel bad that Professor Wade Thompson's name was ruined by This rogue ADA. Mike Nifong from the Duke case, anyone ?

Anonymous said...

maybe more people should LISTEN to the Parete's they do know what the are talking about and let me tell you,,,the Schreibman's are RUINING Marbletown!!! Their cronies are all a bunch of IDIOTS, and a bunch of elitists at that!!

Anonymous said...

9:14 - I agree! Dont get upset though, the Schreib- man won't be ruining Marbletown for long. The end of the road is coming. OUT!

Anonymous said...

Remember when Republicans ran Marbletown?

It's time for a change.

Vote Republican

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Julian. However, the Parete Dynasty brought us Holley Carnright as DA. Gee thanks.

Anonymous said...

Julian is a putz. He is not really a Democrat, he is a Julian come lately. Joined the party for his own gain, no party loyalty.

Anonymous said...

Julian will be 0 wins 2 loses after primary day. If you count his wife they will be 0 wins 3 losses. Hopefully the 3 strikes and your out rule is in effect. The problem with Julian and Shannon is they think their Marbletown and Ulster County's gift.

Good riddance to the Schriebman's

Anonymous said...

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