Monday, July 21, 2008

Child Shield, U.S.A. names Edinger as local agent

Jody Edinger has been recently named a registered agent for Child Shield, U.S.A.™, a national organization dedicated to the safety of America’s children. MR. EDINGER shares with Child Shield, U.S.A.™ its goal of helping to prevent and recover lost, missing, abducted, and runaway children throughout America. According to the United States Department of Justice, these situations befall about one and one-half million children each year.

This statistic is as frightening as it is true. Unfortunately, far too many American parents have an “It can’t happen to my kid” attitude. This very attitude may be one of the major contributors to this national crisis. According to the Vanished Children’s
Alliance, every 40 seconds another child is missing or abducted. “We are not helping our children by pretending that these things don’t happen,” says Robin Raskob owner of Child Shield. U.S.A.™ “By not telling our children of these dangers, we are also keeping them vulnerable. To empower our children, you first must educate them,” she says.

The primary goal of Child Shield, U.S.A. ™ is to reduce the alarming numbers of lost, missing, abducted, and runaway children in America. To this end, their child safety kit provides an easy to follow educational program designed to empower parents and children with important knowledge that can help to prevent tragedy. In addition, the educational part of Child Shield U.S.A.™ service includes the unique Safety Seven poster and their Play it Safe coloring and activity book. These proactive materials provide ongoing reinforcement and help children to retain the important safety information they’ve learned. Child Shield, U.S.A.™ is the only organization in the country with a prevention program with over 10 years of statistics proving it works.

Child Shield’s Founders spent more than three years researching and developing their child safety program before they began marketing it nationally through independent Registered Representative in March of 1993. With the growth of Child Shield, U.S.A.™ it’s hoped there will come a reduction in the number of abducted and missing children in America.

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