Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It appears that DPW Superintendent Steve Gorsline has been suspended according to an e-mail sent out by Kingston Majority Leader Bill Reynolds. The e-mail according to the Freeman,was sent by Reynolds to fellow members of the common council stating that Steve Gorsline had been suspended relative to the ongoing matters going on at DPW. The freeman did not report on the length of time or of any other employees that would be suspended.

While there are conflicting reports over whether or not Alderman Reynolds' email is accurate, I tend to believe it is. Reynolds would never send this sort of memo out if he was not 110% sure. I also knew last Friday that Gorsline and another employee, who I will not mention, where going to be suspended for a period of 30 days without pay. So this is no surprise.

I agree with Hiz Honor's position to some extent that he should not comment on personal matters, especially on a matter that is the subject of a lawsuit.

I also believe Bill Reynolds had a duty an obligation to inform his caucus of what was going on with Mr. Gorsline. As elected officials they are entitled to know everything that is going on in their departments, the council as a whole is equal to the Mayor's office.

However, one of the Alderman leaked Reynolds' e-mail to the press and violated the trust that is bestowed upon them and may have even jeopardized the integrity of an on going investigation.

That is unacceptable.

The Mayor, now more than ever needs to be able to rely on his seven Democratic Alderman to have his back and be in his corner at all times. And not have to worry about someone leaking info to the newspaper or anywhere else behind his back.

With that being said I agree with Alderman Hoffay when he says:

"What a shame it is that all the great accomplishments of this administration are being swallowed up by this lawsuit."

Something has got to give, there has to be full transparency in this matter. A guarantee by the administration that a report will be made public after the completion of this investigation. Including a report by the Mayor's office and the Kingston Common Council of recommendations to ensure ways to prevent that this situation does not repeat itself.


Anonymous said...

Hoffay is right - a great deal of shame by a few pollutes a lot of great accomplishments by our citizens....Spitzer, Sottile, etc..., Lies about the jail, hiding the report, towing bills get paid, etc...

Anonymous said...


I've seen Gorsline on the job the last two days, looks like Reynolds
jumped the gun. A full report and transparency should happen, when
all the lawyers, hearings etc. are finished

Anonymous said...

A paid vacation - wow what punishment.

Anonymous said...

The head of the largest department in the city is suspended and the public is not supposed to be informed about it? Give me a break. You can't always hide behind the "advice of attorneys."
Attorneys don't issue injunctions.

Sottile is out of touch. said...
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Anonymous said...

The shame is that the common council should have been part of this from the get go. The shame is, why are grown ass man throwing body parts around the office. The shame is, we the people that pay through our nose have to pick up another tab. The shame is, the lies because pictures don't. The shame is, keeping secrets because they have a way of leaking out anyway. The real shame is family, friends, co-workers, and the woman are getting hurt. Why can't people just do there job. This shows me there is a lot of free time at the DPW. Justify your jobs people. Punishment is not going to do anything but make people upset. Fire there asses and people will learn lessons. This city must be brought up to date. The only one making money here are the lawyers (both sides). The real shame is why did they let it go this far. Don't finger point, take responsibility for what you have done.

Anonymous said...

If Blaber can hide comments - things will get swept under the rug.

Anonymous said...

I agree that other things shouldn't be swallowed up by this lawsuit...but great accomplishments? Such as...?
Economic development:new tenant for Delaware Ave. Nothing else. Tourism:nothing new. New grants? Lou Grants?(No--still Ira Fusfelds).
This is a "new" Kingston? Howso?(Same old good ol' boy hiring policies, a la Steve Gorsline). How many people who lived in Kingston in the days of the old Kingston would agree?
Not many.
Is it a "failure of leadership?" Maybe not...but it certainly isn't a huge success of leadership or anything else either.