Monday, July 21, 2008

Assemblyman Cahill Giving Back To The Kids

On Wednesday, KCR had Jacob Studt, 8, Declan Mance, 10, and Matthew Studt, 9, appeared on KCR to talk about Alex's Lemonade Stand they will host on Saturday, July 12, for Hurley Stone House Day. These young men will donate all proceeds to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for kids with cancer. Assemblyman Kevin Cahill gives the kids their first donation.


Anonymous said...

You're reporting on someone donating to a lemonade stand?????

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that he wasn't a County Executive candidate - if the Dems have their way - the County's last Administrator will be Executive.

Anonymous said...

If Cahill was the Democratic candidate for County Executive he would lose, just as he might lose his Assembly seat.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I strongly support Mike Hein and have from the beginning but if Cahill was the nominee he would win hands down just like Mike Hein will this November.

Cahill will not lose his Assembly seat. I think he will win by about 17 thousand votes.

Anonymous said...

Cahill could win on the WFP line alone.

KL said...

I think this is a great thing that the kids are donating to a cancer fund. Just operating the stand teaches the kids a bit of capitalism, but they are donating their money to a better cause. Some cities actually outlawed lemonade stands because they lacked required insurance coverage.

Anonymous said...

3:47, please face reality. Even
tho he faces a smart, attractive woman candidate with an affirmative up-beat sounding last name (who happens to be better and more persuasive on the issue of property tax reform than Cahill is) Cahill's re-election is not in doubt.

As for County Exec, Mike Hein is clearly the better qualified candidate. Mr. Blaber, my friend, I feel I need to remind you that Cahill is not especially well qualified for County Exec. because he has never held an executive office with significant budget or personnel responsibility, and that his Kingston-centered appeal would be somewhat limited in a county-wide race. That's County Exec for
the entire county, including towns he does not represent like Marlborough, Rochester, Lloyd, plus Saugerties where he has sworn enemies. I wish you would stop swooning over Cahill - its
somewhat embarassing.

Jeremy Blaber said...

9:31 AM : Cahill has executive experience running a very successful division of WellCare. Secondly, as a former County Leglator he knows the way this county works...he is certainly qualified for County Exec.

It's a moot point, Hein is the candidate and should be the candidate. He is the most qualified candidate running and will make a great executive.

People should stop trying to pit the two against one another. Kevin supports Mike and Mike supports Kevin. They are both Democrats and part of a united party that is going to have a victorious sweep this November.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - Kevin's all about family values.