Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UPDATED: Quigley Stumbles

The Blaber News violin plays a tune for Jim Quigley

Comptroller candidate James Quigley sounded like he was whining today in the Freeman when it was reported that his opponent Democrat Elliott Auerbach has raised more money and had more contributors than he did for the latest campaign filing.

Quigley's direct quote in response to the Freeman was:

"My candidacy needed to get off the ground quickly and I have the wherewithal to do what I want."

Translation: Unlike, Mr. Auerbach who is running to do this job, I was put up by my party because they did not have a candidate. It does not matter if I lack the significant support that Auerbach has, I will throw my own money into this campaign..because I can.

Ulster County voters also got their first glimpse of a sharp and important contrast between the candidates running for County Comptroller.

First, Quigley's comments reek of arrogance and are glimpse of the dictatorship style way the Comptroller's office would be run under his tenure. I think Auerbach's vision of running the office recognizing that you the people are his only boss, is extremely refreshing.

So folks, it's simple, if you want a dictator that will do as he pleases, support Jim Quigley.

If you want a watch dog who will be an advocate for the people of Ulster County than you should vote for Elliott Auerbach.

I almost feel bad for Quigley who is smacked in the middle of a campaign that I feel he does not want to be in. Quigley is a good loyal Republican and running for this position because GOP leaders told him very clearly, the position he wanted to run for (County Exec) , was reserved for Independence member Len Bernardo.

The back room deals of the failed Ulster Republican party continues.


Anonymous said...

I encourage voters to make an informed decision on Election Day. The backgrounds of Jim Quigley & Len Bernardo are business not politics. I believe they are committed to better deliver of essential services at the minimum cost to the customers (us taxpayers).

Anonymous said...

What is a Replican??

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

Mr. Blaber, now you have gone from simply flawed analysis into saying things which are plainly silly.

Over and over again, you have equated a desire to self-finance one's campaign with the inability to do so. This is plainly untrue. Candidates with the financial ability to do so have, in many races throughout the country, created a tradition of self-financing (Perot, Corzine, Golisano, Bloomberg and so forth). Self-financing has many laudable consequences, including the ability to focus time and energy on the campaign rather than on chasing dollars and the distancing of candidates from special interests. On that note, special interests are, in most campaigns, the largest contributors and they have done an admirable job of filling Mr. Hein's war chest and contributing to Mr. Auerbach, as well.

By the way, it is quite amusing to note that while you are talking about Mr. Auerbach's "significant support," you leave out the fact that the CSEA, the same union which endorsed Mr. Hein, also endorsed Mr. Quigley over Mr. Auerbach. However, the support which is most significant is that bestowed by the voters themselves. It is rather interesting that polls on your own blog, a blog read mainly by those who happen to agree with you on most issues, put Republican candidates ahead of Democrats on a consistent basis lately. Also of interest is how those polls seem to disappear so suddenly when they fail to show what you would like them to.

You might have more influence were you to begin reporting all the facts instead of just those which tend to support your pre-determined conclusion when taken out of context.

Moreover, pretending to know what is going on inside a candidate's mind is simply bad form and rather rude, to boot.

BeenThereDoneThat said...

I might be getting old, and my eyesight might be deteriorating with age but I don't see or hear the Blaber's News and Commentary violin playing. Only a hand with a white pillowcase is observed in the background.

Anonymous said...

You could be a hand model!

Jeremy Blaber said...

Like George Castanza, lol. It's not my hand.

Anonymous said...

1015, I believe it is a reference to the world's smallest violin. You are not supposed to see it. Quigley is such a fool, he has no chance of getting elected after his comments in the paper. " I can do whatever I want" We want someone that will listen to the people. Not a free agent.

Anonymous said...

Blaber you are so great. I don't know either of these guys but I will vote Democratic most likely anyway. When can I meet Hein and Auerbach?

Kristofer Landell said...

I believe the comment "My candidacy needed to get off the ground quickly and I have the wherewithal to do what I want" refers to Quigley not being tied down to any donor at this point. Not that he is going to run around in office and do whatever he pleases. The article also says he wants to run "an independent campaign." Whining? I think not Mr. Blaber.

To 1:34. This is the problem with elections anymore. You have no idea what the candidates stand for, and their background, and you will vote for somebody just because it's mainstream.

"I don't know either of these guys but I will vote Democratic most likely anyway."

Voters need to make informed decisions. Go out and meet Hein and Auerbach. In the meantime find out about Quigley and Bernardo. If you never know what the other side says, how can you criticize them?

Anonymous said...

Blaber you are a guy who puts words into other peoples mouths.

Oh and btw you hate Quigley and Bernardo so you love criticizing them and saying whatever you can to make them look bad...unlike what you do to Auerbach and Hein.

Anonymous said...

"My candidacy needed to get off the ground quickly and I have the wherewithal to do what I want!"

That statment tells you all you need to know about Jim Quigley...

This is the guy who is suing the Town of Ulster, because of his hatetrid of Supervisor Woerner. This is the same guy who single handedly fought to stop this new position from being created. We don't need a guy who can do "whatever he wants" at the expense of the taxpayers of this County!

Jeremy Blaber said...

7:24 PM You are off base, I do not hate Len Bernardo, I have met him a few times and he is a nice guy and I certainly do not hate Jim Quigley who I know a little better than Bernardo.

I feel that Mike Hein and Elliott Auerbach are the right candidates for the respective offices they are running for. They are both my friends and I believe in their philosophies and vision for the office.

This is no personal hatred or even bad feelings on my part for any of the candidates.

Both Mike and Elliott are two extremely talented and dynamic candidates that are very inspiring and I really believe in them, and I know that sounds wacky, but I mean it sincerely.

Anonymous said...

1251 means he wants someone who can be controlled by the Good Ol Boyz.

The smallest violin is playing "My Heart is Crying for you"

Joe Bubel said...

I wonder how Blaber News and Commentary would react if were a republican, and not Wexler one of the most 'progressive' members in the House of Representitves, who was a paper resident in the district which he represents. What's worse, his so called 'residence', is in a retirement community, where his mother in law lives, and by the rules of the community, he would NOT be allowed to live there.

Now, maybe there is nothing illegal going on here, no rules broken. But it sure is sad, to see a 'progressive' skirt the system. Especially, when this loophole allows him to claim Florida's income tax (which is 0 percent), and avoid paying the high taxes Maryland 'enjoys'.

Oh that's right! There was an alderman which Blaber News had reported on, critically, that this alderman did not physically living in the city.

BTW, I have to credit where it's due. This story was broken by Bill Oreilly's show.

Jeremy Blaber said...


There is a big difference. The City Charter says that you must live within the ward you represent.

It's different with Congress, one it is not clear if you have to maintain a residence in your home district and two he does, and Wexler can live in that community center, his kids would not be able to.

The bottom line is Wexler is not breaking the law by doing what he is doing. As Mr. O'Reilly's expert said last night "It's probably not with the spirit of the law but it's perfectly legal"

Now everyone knows I watch the factor.

Anonymous said...

Legal or not, that smells and you have to question how effectively a guy is representing you if he does not even have a residence in the area he represents, but wants you to believe he does. Blaber you need to get your head examined trying to defend this guy.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I'm not defending him. What he is doing is perfectly legal. The people of Flordia must decide if Wexler is properly representing them. We'll have to wait and see this November.

Anonymous said...

Bernardo and Quigley are from the business sector and while that should be refreshing, one only has to look at the business sector these days to have reservations. Both of these individuals come from the corporate world where complete incompetence is often rewarded. The same arena where an employee could be fired for not playing along. The civil service is not like that. They will be ill suited to dealing with the problems of our county while adjusting to various personality conflicts that can't be resolved by promoting or firing people. Conversely it seems, the Democrats have picked people with long standing histories of interpersonal conflict behind them. They might not have produced as much financial success, but they've certainly accomplished much in their service so far. Were Auerbach to defined by his achievements more than his rather amusing escapades, he'd surely outweigh Quigley in his contributions to future generations. I can think of five thousand future treasures that I don't think Quigley's estate would leave our children when he passes on.

Anonymous said...


I want to thank you for giving Mr. Beke space in your blog. His pseudo-intellectual meanderings are perfectly indicative of the typical neo-conservative holier-than-thou superiority complex. At first blush, it may sound good, but there is nothing to it. Thanks for continuing to allow him to expose his lack of gravitas, and complete dearth of anything substantive. ("because I say it, it must be so"....ho-hum)

Keep up the good work Mr. Beke. We're laughing at you, not with you...

Joe Bubæl said...

10:35, "Holier than Thou"? Have you looked in the mirror lately? I seem to recall, a "my way, or the highway (to a red state)" tone, in your comments.

9:44, I have to agree with you on a point you made. You're right when you say that Quigley and Bernardo may be ill suited to deal with the challanges which come up in county government. Only because, in their world, the bad bad 'corporate' world, they could FIRE people who underperform. Not so in county government.

Anonymous said...

10:35- Imre really exposes himself on friendlier blogs as a true fascist. His use of the language correctly is a rarity among his brethren. He'll probably do well for himself with such advantage over his "pidgeons".

Anonymous said...


What is "hatetrid"?

Go back to school and learn proper spelling.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if Quigley were on "your" side with Hein and Auerbach was on the other side...I bet you would be praising Quigley for putting his own money into his campaign because he's willing to put his money where his mouth is...literally.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

To 10:35 & 10:09 -

I, too, would like to thank Mr. Blaber for being tolerant of those with differing views and posting them on his blog.

At the same time, I would like to thank both of you for your opinions. It is most apparent that one is on the right track when one is treated to such words as "fascist" (with whose actual definition you are apparently unfamiliar).

If you had anything substantive to say about contrary opinions, you would do so. Use of pejoratives is an indicator of a lack of an ability to counter that which had been said before.

To Mr. Blaber -
Once again, I thank you for posting that with which you disagree. Despite our being on opposite sides of these debates, it seems you are a gentleman. Recognizing that fact about those with whom one debates costs us nothing and makes for more interesting exchanges.

Sadly, that observation cannot be made about all who participate in these forums.

Anonymous said...

To 9:44- Are you saying business men are incapable of holding a position in government? If you had any experience in leadership, you would know that businessmen don't walk around firing people. This just shows that the dems once again have no faith in people and think the government should control every aspect of their life.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Mr. Beke:

You always sign your name and your comments are always respectful. I disagree with them but they are welcome.

Maybe sometime I can be a guest with you and Ed on your radio show.


Anonymous said...

Please look up "fascist" yourself Imre. Then, recall your defense of the theocratic right and see if it fits. I doubt you have the ability to reflect on your shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

The corporate world is a ship of fools comprised of a handful of controlling individuals and throngs of cogs with low IQ's. Bad? Good? It's up to the perspective of the person using them. The highest IQ in a corporate head is usually 130. Not very high. Most smart corporate leaders set up and step out with the money, while the cogs do all the suit and tie charades.