Monday, July 07, 2008

Kingston Citizen's Dot Org

A new community website has formed,, the organization spearheaded by Rebbecca Martin, is described on their website as a citizen organization dedicated to helping residents connect directly to their alderman and nuturing community by bringing people together through projects, education, volunteering and fun.

The website is very informative and a good way to find out what's going on in your ward and local community. I know Rebecca Martin from the Ward 9 group she started a few years back and I support her activism and successful venture; to bring communications with our local representatives into the 21st century.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Ms. Martin just put down the facts for each ward within Kingston. We all know that Alderman want to cut taxes
and provide good service. We are told that every 2 years. This look a bit political to me.

Rebecca Martin said...


Thanks for posting

To 3:41, I think you are referring to the bio information we have listed for each alderman in every ward. That information came directly from a suppliment in the Daily Freeman during the last election cycle of November, 2007. We only omitted the personal stuff because we didn't feel it was essential (marriage stats, how many children, that sort of thing).

The facts/climate for each Ward is up to the citizens living in it by using their designted Yahoo! Group to communicate that is available and easily accessed by visiting their ward on our home page.

If there is a political statement here, it is simply determined by people like yourself in each ward as you correspond with your elected alderman. That's our only aim. To create a platform for you to voice your concerns in your neighborhood - so your alderman can represent you better in city hall.

I encourage you to join your ward group, and if you have any questions, you can contact me directly by writing to: