Saturday, July 26, 2008


Nina the Democratic County Clerk?

Some one pointed out to me the other day when discussing the County Clerk's race that takes place next year, that Nina Postupack, a registered Republican who was crossed endorsed by Dem's in 05, received more votes on the Democratic line than by her own party.

Sure enough Nina received 22, 384 on the Democratic line and 17,881 on the GOP line in 2005, replacing long serving County Clerk Al Spada, who retired a year prior.

So, essentially, Mrs. Postupack is our Democratic County Clerk. It will be interesting to see what happens next year, smart money says that Postupack may again get a free ride. She's a good County Clerk and well respected by both sides of the aisle.

Off in the distance is Democratic and Working Families candidate for Comptroller Elliott Auerbach and I, in front of Blaber Manor, on his was to the Immaculate Conception bazaar earlier in the month.

Reynolds Back In Action

Hugh Reynolds made his debut Thursday, in the Kingston Times, same City Beat column, different venue. It's good the have Hugh back, the races this year would not have been the same without him. There is also a good interview in the Times with Kevin Cahill.

I can imagine how the call from Reynolds went with Cahill:

Reynolds: Hey, Kevin, it's Hugh, I'm doing a Story on your new position with the Energy committee.

Cahill: I don't talk to the Freeman. Click

(Cahill ponders, didn't the Freeman fire him?)

A few minutes later:

Reynolds: Hey, Kevin, I'm doing the story with Kingston Times.

Oh, how have you been?

Reynolds: Good, you?

Cahill : Good and your kids.......

While, I'm clearly being sarcastic, I think Reynolds will get that reaction a lot.. the Freeman has such a negative reputation and I'm glad he is away from it. I think he'll be happier and in more control in his new position.


Democratic Party Power Broker said...

So why can't Nina change her enrollment to the Democratic Party? That's what Westchester County District Attorney Janet Fiore did shortly after she won on the Republican line.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that if Nina does not switch parties, certain Democrats are going to come up with a very good candidate and bankroll the campaign as needed.

The logic being that if she won on their line, she should serve as a Democrat.

That vote total was not a fluke. Nina should be on the look out for potential opponents. Dave Donaldson and Susan Zimet come to mind immediately.

'68 Democrat said...


Over my Dead Democratic Body will
Nina Postupack receive the Democratic Line again if the City
of Kingston Democratic Party has anything to say about it. Mrs. Postupack donated money to Cahill-Walker and against Charlie Landi and was a big supporter of the City
of Kingston GOP. In talking to other Committeeman they are mad at what Nina did. Mrs. Postupack has a right to give money to whoever she wants. But there is a strong movement to get a DEMOCRAT in the Job and I will give money and time to the Democrat

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

Regardless of who supports her or how many votes they bring to the table for her, Ms. Postupack has done a tremendous job as County Clerk and deserves to be re-elected for as long as she wants the job.

As for Mr. Reynolds' new job, we can all be glad that someone with his experience is back analyzing County politics. Whether we agree with him or not, he brings insights that make you think.

Anonymous said...

If you want the seat back run SOTTILE SOTTILE SOTTILE. GOT IT! He wins hands down.

Anonymous said...

Sottile is done. He will never win another election.

Anonymous said...

Sottile never win another election? He would win mayor again easily even if the election was tomorrow. What is the alternative....Cahill. Please.

Anonymous said...

Donaldson and Zimet are the jokes of the Democrats. In non presidential/congressional election year it will take a popular Democrat to beat Nina. Dave and Sue are not that person.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Come on guys. We are talking about the County CLERK.

JB, you complement her job performance. Do you know precisely what she does? She is not a policy maker and she has little if any real input into the direction this county pursues.

She is the head CLERK. Her office collects fees and files papers. It is the perfect example of a well paid meaningless political position that can be filled by the highest performer on a civil service exam.

What policy does she make?

Examples of the critical issues she decides:

What side of the paper does a form needs to be stamped on?

What room does the form get filed in?

How many copies of a form does someone need to submit?

These are clearly earth shattering decisions that impact the day to day lives of our citizenry. . .

The one thing that is sadder than people thinking that her position is politically important is that people believe that her party enrollment should be an issue.

Any partisian fight regarding this position will be founded on the disturbing idea that party enrollment and loyalty should have anything to do with who gets a job and how much they get paid.

That is the attitude that has brought us to the point where we are today where government serves those who govern rather than those who would be governed.

Anonymous said...

to 5:04
Alternative? How many do you want?

Jim Noble, Bill Reynolds, Frank Dart, Jeanette Provenzano, Dave Donaldson, Mike Madsen, Tom Hoffay,..... we haven't even looked at non politicians yet.

Sottile has to go, he is ineffective and disrespected.

Anonymous said...

Arms were twisted to support Postupack and not put up a Democrat by the "Big Kahunas". The excuse was that we had to focus on winning the Legislature and Spada would finance her campaign with his considerable war chest.There were Democrats ready to run for County Clerk who backed down.

Never again. We must run a strong Democrat for the office.

Anonymous said...

Lets look at those mentioned and evaluate their qualifications for this earth shattering position at the center of power . . .

Jim Noble, well he's a plumber and has a lot of experience assisting waste flow through pipes to its designated resting place. Seems like a good qualification for county clerk.

Mike Madsen, well he's a contractor and he probably can build a very strong filing system that can survive years of abuse by overzealous file clerks who use too much force to open and/or close a drawer.

Dave Donaldon, he's a public school teacher. Should be fairly good at filling in boxes and organizing papers.

Bill Reynolds, he works in the press office for the State Comptroller. Again, as with Noble, he should be very good at directing the wasteful flow of paper to its final resting place.

Tom Hoffay, I guess we need to find out his policy positions on various filing systems. Should we go numerically or alphabetically?

Frank Dart, well he is a fireman. He should be very good at developing a filing system that could survive a three alarm blaze at the County Office Building.

Jeanette Provenzano, she spent quite a number of years working in the civil service office at city hall and is very familiar with filing, stamping and docketing papers.

What a tough choice we will have. . .

But again, other than those who may wish to get a well paid job with benefits, why should we care?

Anonymous said...

Forget Jim Noble, how about Roseanne Noble. I challenge anyone to call into question her experience. She would be a superior candidate.

Anonymous said...

All tired old names.

Anonymous said...

Uh.. to the brainiacs who are making the posts about the KINGSTON people. That was in reply to a suggestion that Sottile would win Mayor easily and there are no alternatives to him.

5:04 said...

Sottile never win another election? He would win mayor again easily even if the election was tomorrow. What is the alternative....Cahill. Please.

Anonymous said...

Nina Postupack is the quintissential Public Servant.
She has dedicated her professional life to serving Ulster County.
She is NON-POLITICAl regardless of what party she is enrolled in.
Her office door is always open to anyone who needs the help of the County Clerk & her staff.
She should be cross-endorsed & keep the stinking democratic bastardization of Public Service out of the Clerk's office.

Go worry about some other stupid issue & leave this one alone.


Anonymous said...

Why does Nina deserve a free pass and everyone else does not?

Like it or not, Nina has to be elected. She should not be allowed to walk in unchallenged no matter how good she is or isn't. No one should. How will we ever know what else could be being done if there is never any interrogation of her office's practices and procedures?

Nina should not be allowed to morph into the female version of Al Spada. It was wrong when he was allowed to do it and it is even more wrong today.

Nothing wrong with a little Democracy to brighten up your day, even for Nina Postupack!

Brian Shapiro, UC Leg. said...

Nina Postupack has always been hard working and very approachable in her position as County Clerk. I trust her as an honest and competent elected official. This can be confirmed by anyone wishing to contact her at her office during hours. Nina has always taken time for any citizen who has made the effort to meet with her.
(Though I must selfishly admit that she'd make a great Democrat)!

'68 Democrat said...

Mr. Shapiro,

Guess she left out her check to the Woodstock Republicans.

BMT99 said...

Donaldson and Susan Zimet, what a joke. Zimet is so damaged it is rediculous. Dave has no qualifications. As far as Nina getting more votes on the Dem line. How many Dem votes were cast vs. Rep votes. Nina deserves to be cross endorsed. She is fair to both sides, and if one of the aforementioned Dems were elected by some fluke ther would be no fairness, just party politics as usual. Espesially with a Dem majority there should be some checks and balances. I like Nina and support her no matter what party she in in.

Tired of being told what is best for me said...

TO BMT99 ( and anyone else who wants to have others think for us)

The VOTERS should get to decide.

That is the wonderful thing about democracy. If they are fair or not fair, have red hair or green hair, are rich or poor, has nothing to do with it, the people who get elected should be decided by everyone, not a few political power brokers.

What if the Republicans think Nina is a little too fair to the Democrats or vice versa? Shouldn't they get a chance to have their say?

What if by some fluke the voters want someone who is not fair? I don't agree with that, but what if they do? Is it up to the politicians to say "we know what's best for you and Nina is what you need" ? No thank you, I would like to decide that for myself.

Imagine if people did that to you in other parts of your life? For example, what if you ordered a shiny new black Dodge Charger and the salesman delivered you a Red one because he thought that would attract more chicks and was the right choice for you, after all, who knows cars better than him?

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your view, being fair or nice or having an open door policy are not the sole reasons to be elected. It is far more important that discussions rise to the level of performance and cost avoidance. Nice people can talk about that too!

I am for competition at all levels of government. No free rides anywhere.

Anonymous said...


A fine looking house - any chance we can share expenses?

Tired of high taxes and making it alone.