Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mike Hein at the U.C. Heating Summit


Anonymous said...

Were Lenny and Squiggley there?

Anonymous said...

Lenny was there. He left early. He had an emergency of his own: Some kid lost a skate key in Accord.

Anonymous said...

Quigley was a no show. Bernardo was there and came up with the brilliant idea that all of Ulster County could use Skate Time 209 to get warm in the winter.

I got to meet and listen to Elliott Auerbach, who brought up very relevant and important points on how this heating crisis is effecting Ulster County.

Anonymous said...

Campaigning on taxpayer's dime?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeremy,

This is how we get to see these guys in action - learn a little more about them!


Imre Beke, Jr. said...

Just one quick question -

Knowing that oil prices were rising for quite a while now, why take so long to convene this "summit"? Could it be because there is an election coming up and Mr. Hein wants to use this issue to demonstrate his "compassion" for the people of Ulster County?

Nah. Couldn't be. No Establishment politician would use the energy crisis (which would be resolved today had Democrats allowed ANWR drilling seven years ago, but I digress) to get people to vote for him.

Or would he?

forgetaboutit said...

12:29 - In case your not aware of it we usually get cold wheather around or near November. Most thought the oil prices would have come down by now, they still might, no crystal ball here. Better to think ahead by calling on all agencies that service the needy to meet and come up with a plan to address the elderly, and very young in the event of a terribly cold winter along with the high priced oil costs. Of course Mr. 12:29 supports the Bernardo guy from the skating rink so he will continue to be cynical and keep his head buried in the sand and yell "politics" unless it come from Bernardo, who by the way, before making comments at the event, introduced himself as a candidate for County Executive. Political?nah

Anonymous said...

You don't have a "summit" (press conference) without a plan so I guess it just another show on the taxpayers dime. But at least he was finally in the office

Anonymous said...

7:48 It is called leadership. Lenny and Squiggly can afford to heat their homes this winter. They will never get how this issue impacts most taxpayers.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

6:12 -

Apparently, you didn't quite read my comment. I asked why it took so long for Mr. Hein to call his so-called "summit." This is not a problem which has come up recently. While we may not have known the extent of the fuel price rise a year ago, we certainly knew it was happening because it was already well underway. No crystal ball was needed.

It is, in fact, already too late to plan wisely for this problem. So, more than likely, Mr. Hein already had a plan ready to go (as 7:48 suggests) and the "summit" was for show, a purely political move. That makes it campaigning on taxpayer money and is - at the very least - highly distasteful.

If he truly had no plan in place, then he has simply proven that he is unable to do the job effectively. Remember, if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Yes, I do support Mr. Bernardo, proudly and unequivocally. He owes no one any political debts and his experience and qualifications outpace his opponent to such an extent that no true comparison is even possible.

Sick of Beke!!!! said...

Will you please shut the fuck up Imre Beke, Jr ????

You have a fucking answer for everything,you are never wrong and you have to get the last word on every subject.

You are an arrogant, boring, know it all asshole. Go back where ever it is you came from.

Anonymous said...

Beke, Hein cannot Legislate a thing, that is the job of the Legislature. He can make proposals to P/T Legislators who are happy when he comes up with ideas that can help our community. You don't know what the hell your talking about. I hope you continue with your whinning. It helps Hein who is a go-getter and hurts Bernardo who, along with you, hasn't got a clue. In case your not aware of it Mr. Bernardo is a politician simple by nature of running for office.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

1:45 -

I never pretend to know it all or even a tiny fraction. I simply apply logic to what everyone sees. Apparently, that's a problem for you because you have no substantive arguments with which to defend or promote your candidates, who are far and away less qualified than Mr. Bernardo and Mr. Quigley.

8:41 -

I never said Mr. Hein could legislate. However, his job gives him a great deal of influence over how things are done. One example, if the Legislature fails to act upon or amend the Budget submitted by the County Administrator, that Budget automatically goes into effect, whether they like it or not.

Anonymous said...

12:40 It's called leadership and Hein has it.

I bet Lenny would do a great job of leading a floor full of people in doing the Hokey Pokey. Running a roller rink will teach you those kind of things.

Running a government gives Hein street cred. He knows what it is "all about" on the 6th floor.

Does Lenny know the Electric Slide?

Anonymous said...

7:01 The real question...can Lenny throw his arms in the air and make the letters to YMCA?

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

7:01 -

You seem to think that creating a safe environment for kids to enjoy being kids is a negative when it comes to Mr. Bernardo's background. How about the multi-million dollar company he built from scratch, creating literally hundreds of jobs without having access to the power to tax in order to do it?

Please reveal to us all just what "leadership" Mr. Hein has demonstrated. Raising our taxes? Waiting until 3 months before the election to discuss the coming heating crisis? Cutting the County Budget by eliminating magazine subscriptions? Watching as the political Establishment led us all towards catastrophe?

Where is Mike Hein's positive experience?

Len Bernardo has the kind of experience that would put nearly anyone in this County to shame. All you are proving by ridiculing him instead of addressing the experience question in a substantive manner is that you cannot compare Mr. Hein's background with Mr. Bernardo's in a way which makes Mr. Hein look good.

If you're so certain of your candidate's victory, why do you expend so much energy on insulting Len Bernardo and his supporters? One might conclude from your words and behavior that you're afraid of what's going to happen in November.

Anonymous said...


Mike Hein does not and did not raise taxes. That is the job of the legislature.

That is Ulster civics 101.