Friday, August 08, 2008

Hudson Valley for Obama Boat Ride---Photo Blog

The Obama boat ride was great tonight. A great group of energetic Obama supporters showed their support for our next President aboard the Rip Van Winkle. I'm sorry I do not have more pictures but I really would like to thank Stephan Gilman, a guy that has been stumping for Obama for over a year in the Hudson Valley and across the US.

Saugerties Dem Chair Mike Harkavy and Jon Sennett
Comptroller to be Elliott Auerbach and Blaber, sporting the Auerbach for Comptroller hat, part of the exclusive Auerbach summer clothing line.
Auerbach talks with a supporter about the important issues facing Ulster County.


Anonymous said...

Obama's ship is sinking. They'll nominate Hillary at the convention.
We can't have 4 more years of McCain-Bush-Cheney-Exxon-Mobil


Anonymous said...

Obama's policies are socialist. If we are going to make America great, we cannot vote socialist. Hillary is not out of this yet, and her name will more than likely be entered in the DNC. All it takes is a few votes there and she is nominated. Remember, Barack Obama is only the presumptive nominee.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that our delegates will come to the senses and back Hillary. Obama can not win. We need to back proven winners. The Clintons.

Joe Bubel said...

Obama will get the nomination, to avoid a chicago 68 incident. Hillary will run an underground campaign, and the electoral college will throw their votes for her in November.

Check 1988, an elector cast their vote for Loydd Bensten.

BTW, Jeremy, stop using the phrase "our next president...". You used "our next County DA..." and it made you look foolish and arrogant. You using that phrase again, once again certainly makes you look arrogant. The last I heard, arrogance is what is hurting Obama.

Anonymous said...

actually,, the pathetic lack of any true leader on the left is sad ,,,,, No has the gravitas to lead,, certainly NO ONE in those laughable photos you posted,,,

McCain & Bernardo have the heft to lead my country & County !!!

Wake up,,,

Anonymous said...

7:57, so are Blaber's policies. It's called censorship.

They government practices censorship in places like Cuba and China.

Anonymous said...

Where'd Sennett get that suit?

Anonymous said...

RE: comments by 8:40 AM -

"We need to back proven winners. The Clintons"

Um...I thought they lost?

Please, can we not ruin this one?


Anonymous said...

The suit? I think it's borrowed from Will Meyer's at the Public Defender's office. He owns the same one.

Anonymous said...

6:26 and 9:03 do you really gotta attack the guy's suit? It's a summer suit. Most hicks around here have no idea about taste.

Anonymous said...

What the hell are you people talking about? Sen. Clinton has endorsed Sen. Obama as the presmptive nominee for the Democratic Party. Your (my) candidate lost; she is not going to be nominated from the floor of the convention; she is not going be able - in any way shape or form - to gain ANY electoral college votes; and most of all, Sen. Obama's policies are not socialism.

What the hell do they put in that Kool Aid you people drank last year?