Saturday, August 09, 2008

Donaldson Gives Quote of The Month

"according to Glenn Noonan, everything's their idea."

- Dave Donaldson, Chairman of the Legislature

How true.

That was in response to Noonan's claim that the GOP first called for the imposed hiring freeze that County Chairman Dave Donaldson and County Administrator Mike Hein put into place yesterday.

Earlier in the day the freeze was criticized by the GOP, including Len Bernardo and Jim Quigley and now after it was revealed that it will save taxpayers about $750k, it's just politics and we (the GOP) thought of it first.

These people have no shame and must really think voters are stupid.

Noonan and the gang are so bitter, they see the writing on the wall for November and it does not look good for them.


Anonymous said...

Talk about bring any kind of jobs to Ulster County, and now the county is freezing hiring anyone to work for them. Great. I am sure their are plenty of other ways to save money instead of cutting jobs out.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, you're 100% wrong on this. Noonan did in fact push for this several months ago. The dems were against it though.

Thursday, February 28, 2008: the date it appeared on

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should do there homework Resolution 97 in March submitted by the republican Caucus.. Maybe mr. Donaldson is getting old and forgetful. The dems should also try to remember their days in the miniority since the thing going on now might help put them back there or not going on as Economic development

Bill Berardi said...

Who cares who idea it is/was and/or who gets elected - lets just help the taxpayers and bring our governmental costs in line - now and in the future.

Anonymous said...

How about the free health insurance the legislators get start thier with the cuts..

Joe Bubel said...

Bookmark and CACHE this thread by Jeremy. If in 2 months, this hiring freeze backfires, guess who the dems and Jeremy will blame? The GOP, right?

Anonymous said...

There is no question Noonan pushed for this months was reported in the paper and i ehard him say it on the radio...Donaldson needs to admit that. It was the right thing to do but people, including Noonan, were yelling for this at least four months ago.