Tuesday, August 05, 2008

U.C. Republican Committee Sets Up Hit Blogs; Afraid Of My Blog's Effect

Before Jim Quigley announced he was running for County Comptroller, actually before anyone announced for the position, I was invited to Jim Quigley's house for lunch. We had a talk about my blog among other things. One of the things we also discussed was the fact that my blog was upsetting a lot of the GOP and he had been asked to finance a GOP blog to counter mine.

I am not sure which blog (s) are officially backed by the county GOP but it seems a new Republican blog pops up every week to counter my blog. I have never witnessed this amount of blogs focusing on such a small local community.

They are all attack blogs and try unsuccessfully to discredit Hein, Auerbach, myself and Democrats in general.

None of these blogs even come close to having any real effect on my blogs popularity and that makes a lot of the people that invest their time and energy into these things very nasty and bitter. I am usually the brunt of their attacks, as the only real Democratic blog in Ulster County.

The success of my blog is nothing special, the people of Ulster County just reject the practices and beliefs of the Republican party and don't want to hear about them. So whether it's one blog or 15, they will all fail. And, Quigley's millions won't change that.

However, because this blog is fair and Balanced, and because I feel sorry for these people that have been turned into electioneer puppets, I will give them a free plug on the blog.

Here is the complete list:

It's interesting to point out that the overwhelming majority of these blogs are anonymous. They say whatever they want and take no responsibility for it's content.

Ulster Politics

The nastiest of them all. This vile blog chooses to attack myself and Democrats in general. Very poorly written and out of touch with reality.

Ulster County Conservative

A local blog written by a Kingston Republican. I disagree with it's content but it's not half bad.

Ulster Musings

Another hit blog that is as nasty as the day is long. Just another bitter blogger upset with Democratic success.

Cahill on Kingston

My Poughkeepsie Journal counterpart. At least this blog has been around for a while and is consistent. Cahill on Politics = I hate Sottile.

Ulster County Politics

Another GOP blog dedicated to Len Bernardo and Jim Quigley.

Right Time Radio

A blog hosted by Ed Gaddy and Imre Berk, again, like UC Conservative, they are true to what they believe in.

Clark Richter's blog

Lenny and Squigley's newest employee, uses blog to hit Dems and praises Bernardo and Quigley if they tie their shoes correctly.


There are also some other blogs that deal with Ulster County Issues that I recommend:

Kingston Truth

This is an overall fair and accurate blog. The down side it is anonymous but it's for the most part fair and I enjoy reading it.

Kingston Progressive

This blog done by Alderman Madsen, deals with relevant issues on all levels of government, a worthy read.


Anonymous said...


It never ceases to amaze me that you folks (online) act as if my blog doesn't even exist...

Which is a lot like like the average low income person (especially minorities / women) - who doesn't take ANY payoffs - has always been treated...

I'm glad I'm not on your GOP "enemy list" or your "these have my approval" lists though...

And I'm glad that you usually do post my posts (I'm kinda' surprised at that) over here...

But I'm wondering...

Are you guys (and/or gals) afraid of MY blog's http://spreadingourwings.blogspot.com

Why might (if true, which I do not know) that be?

I post from the heart. I post established facts. I post news and political reports. I post thoughts and theories... (advising folks to hold some things "loosely", if I have no way of verifying the total integrity of the content)...

And yes, I do polls - which the local Dems have not done so well on...

But my part in that is simply posting the questions or lead ins...

I am not responsible for the results (which are the collective results of the poll takers) - whether they be pro-Dem - pro-Rep -pro-Independent - or "other".

I list all of the Dem blogs that I know about on my blog-links list - along with some Rep. blogs and some other blogs of interest...

Why am I not granted - when the subject of local blogs comes up - the same respect?

Should I feel hurt?

Or am I better off this way?

Peace, love and justice,

N.S. / Phoenix

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

Very cute, Mr. Blaber. The fact is, however, that Right Time Radio has been on the air for 2 1/2 years and our appearance has nothing to do with this year's election. Our blog is a way of giving our listeners a way of catching up on the issues which we talk about (and have been talking about for years) during the week instead of waiting for Friday.

Our blog contains daily links to news stories, videos and comments on national, regional and local issues. We also have made available links to the websites and e-mail forms or e-mail addresses (where available) of our Federal, State and County elected officials, both Democrat and Republican as well as given readers the ability to download some very useful free software.

Are we political? Of course, and admittedly biased just as you certainly are. We get no funding, however, from political parties or campaigns and TAKE NO POLITICAL ADVERTISING REVENUE - unlike you. Claiming that our appearance - and that of others - has something to do with the elections (especially given that you have ZERO proof) simply shows that you and those whom you support will do anything to win an election for your candidates.

As long as you keep twisting the facts to fit your own world view, people will continue to - rightfully - question your commitment to the ideal of "fair and balanced" (ironically, a slogan you lifted THAT slogan from a conservative news channel.)

Thank you, however, for linking to our blog in your post. We also link to you in our sidebar.

Anonymous said...

He was asked to "finance" a blog.

It doesn't take any finances to put up a blog.

Just a computer and a brain.

Some bloggers have bigger brains and therefore better blogs.

But nobody need to be "financed" to put a up a blog.

I believe Quigley said that though, it sounds like him.

Jeremy Blaber said...


To be honest I do not go on your blog at all because it messes up my computer. Nothing personal.


Kristofer Landell said...

I just want to point out as well that besides me using my actual name, I take no funds for my blog. I feel that if you have something to say, use your name or nobody will take it seriously, and I applaud you as well for using your name.

Anonymous said...


Btw, despite the complaints that you and C have made about my blog loading and/or causing problems - it appears as if at least 25 people have made it on board in the course of a day - which is indicated by the number of poll takers - and not one of them complained.



Jeremy Blaber said...

I don't know who C is but every time I went on my computer freezes up. I have not been on in many months.