Friday, August 01, 2008

Great Article In Today's Record About Comptroller Race

I was against the charter before I was for the charter. Quigley flip flops positions.

If James E. Quigley III had had his way back in 2006, the comptroller job he says he wants to win in the November election wouldn't exist.

- Paul Brooks, Times Herald Record


I encourage everyone to read the article that was written by Paul Brooks today in the Record.

It talks about Mr. Quigley and the campaign he ran against creating the position of Exec and Comptroller. How can a guy that ran a PAC that spent more than $15,000 trying to defeat the charter, go and run a year later for one of the positions created as a result of it being passed?

It also debunks some of the claims that Quigley has made about him being an independent person with no real political experience. The guy is as political as they come, the treasure of the county GOP committee, he has personally given more than 70k to Republican causes. Including a single contribution of $20,000 last year to the U.C. Republican committee.

One has to question, making that kind of personal investment in various partisan races, how can Quigley be an impartial Watch Dog for Ulster County?

Let's not forget that the Exec and Comptroller position was proposed and passed to provide ultimate accountability to the people of Ulster County. Mr. Quigley campaigned against that can you defend that?

You can't have it both ways Mr. Quigley.

Here are a few excerpts from the article:

If James E. Quigley III had had his way back in 2006, the comptroller job he says he wants to win in the November election wouldn't exist.

Quigley has been quietly active in community and Republican circles for years. Since 1999, according to state records, he has made political contributions of more than $74,000. Most of that went to Republicans, including single donations of $20,000 and $10,000 in 2007.

Auerbach, the current Ellenville manager, is a past mayor of Ellenville. He ran his family's hardware store for 20 years and managed a federal economic development program for five years. He is on the county Industrial Development Agency board. State records list $100 in political donations from Auerbach.

"I grew up minding the store," he said. "I see a lot of what I have done as an asset to what I will do in the comptroller's position."


Joe Bubel said...

I think it even more fitting that a guy who was against forming a new political position, to run for it. It shows, one, he won't abuse it. And two, maybe he was against it because he KNEW no one else in the county would be up for it.

Like the old axiom, why ask others to do a job you know you can do better. Quigley doesn't want anyone else in that position, especially someone who has seen his town crumble, economically and socially. That is why he has my vote, and had the endorsements of the unions.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Is that the best you have, Jeremy? If it is, your guy is in trouble.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

Mr. Blaber, this post turned the science of logic completely inside out. The simple fact that Mr. Quigley opposed the Charter before it passed does not mean he does not have to live under it now that it is here. As the system is here whether one likes it or not, one has the absolute right to run for office under its auspices in order to ensure the best possible leadership for the County.

I'm sure that many of the people running around with "War Is Not the Answer" bumper stickers (never mind that they fail to define the question) are friends of yours. Many of these people are absolute pacifists who believe that war can never bring positive results and - if it did - it still cannot be morally justified. I'm also quite certain that you have never spoken to them saying, "You know, the Constitution is a result of the Revolutionary War. If we didn't have that war, we wouldn't have the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Since you don't support war, you shouldn't claim any benefits it brings. No Freedom of Speech for you guys, OK?"

What utter silliness.

You live with what is, not with what you would like to be. How many rich Liberals pay more taxes simply because they oppose the Bush tax cuts? None.

James Quigley is, hands down, the best qualified candidate for the job of Comptroller. If you think otherwise, perhaps you might explain why Mr. Auerbach - who fiddled while Ellenville's economy burned - is better suited for watching over our money.

No matter how often I and others challenge Hein and Auerbach supporters to prove their candidates' qualifications vis-a-vis Mr. Bernardo and Mr. Hein are, the answer is a mixture of silence on the question and insults towards those who ask it.

Brittany Turner said...

I was also against the Charter, and can't say I've ever really been for it. That being said, we're stuck with the silly thing. I don't think it's a flip flop; I think it is taking the situation for what it is and attempting to ensure that the Charter is enacted in the best way possible -- even if that means running for a position oneself.

I think it's great that he ran a PAC trying to defeat the Charter. The best way to understand the flaws and potential downfalls to a new initiative is to have been part of the opposition to that initiative. No one can honestly say that they believe the Charter is perfect, can they?! Mr. Quigley was proactive and vocal in his efforts, and I respect that.

As for the issue of Quigley's independence, the positions of Executive and Comptroller are elected, political positions. If you have issue with the nature of the positions well, again, it's a problem with the Charter. No elected position is ever going to be impartial and non-partisan. Mr. Quigley has not been as deeply embedded in the political scene as many of his counterparts, or his opponent, for that matter. I think that if we want someone in the position who is apolitical, this is probably as close as we are going to get. He supports his party and there's no crime or shame in that. The Democrats certainly wouldn't allow the candidacy of someone who had never financially contributed to the party, and I'm sure the Republicans are no different. It's just the way the game is played. If there is such overwhelming concern about whether or not Quigley can be impartial, I ask two questions. First, do we really need someone who is completely impartial? And second, is Elliott Auerbach any less partisan? The answer to both is no, so now what?

Not once have I ever seen or heard of Mr. Quigley argue against accountability. In fact, I've seen him speak in favor of accountability far more than Mr. Auerbach. Mr. Quigley advocated against a proposal that was poorly formed and easily manipulated. The voters adopted this initiative and, now, I truly believe Mr. Quigley is making a good faith effort to ensure that the concerns he identified are dealt with in an open and thoughtful manner by someone who has been involved in remedying these problems from the onset.

So, if Mr. Quigley can't have it both ways, unfortunately, Mr. Auerbach can't, either.

Anonymous said...

That damned history again! How can an upstanding republican (ha-ha) ever cut loose from his scurrilous past and be reborn? It's like a curse! Can't we all just get along? I mean, yesterday just is so, well, yesterday. Can't everyone just forget it? I swear, I'll act differently tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The audacity of Quigley to run as an Independent type campaign and attack Hein and Auerbach when he is as partisan as they come. And, Brittany, there is no comparison to Quigley and Auerbach, Elliott is much less partisan.

Anonymous said...


Quigley has made personal investments to Republicans in excess of $74k, Auerbach's political involvement is that he is a member of the Democratic committee and a former Mayor. There is hardly a comparison.

I honestly question whether or not Quigley can be an independent watchdog and advocate for the people when he is that partisan.

But, hey, you, Jen, and Ashdown will never support Auerbach because of an IDA vote that he made to save jobs in Kingston.

Have fun supporting the partisan Conservative candidate and see how that works out for you.

See you in November.

Brittany Turner said...

11:35, but partisan nevertheless. It is absurd to begin decrying Mr. Quigley's political involvement when the office is a POLITICAL OFFICE. To suggest that the candidate needs to be completely impartial is absurd; neither candidate is completely impartial. It's the way things work and it's the way people work. No one is ever 100% objective, especially not in the world of politics.

I think either candidate is capable enough, mature enough and professional enough to understand that personal or political affiliations cannot be imbued in the work being done as Comptroller. Mr. Quigley and Mr. Auerbach have both emphasized repeatedly that the position is not a policy position and, in fact, will act fairly as an auditor and watchdog. We shouldn't be outraged by the political activity of either candidate. We should instead evaluate whether or not either candidate will take advantage of the position and use it to promote his personal ideology. The position, for the most part, would restrict this type of activity and I do not believe either candidate would manipulate the will of the voters in that manner.

Brittany Turner said...

11:45, had my comments not been screened previously you would know that the issue with Mr. Auerbach was not only one vote, but two, one of which could be vaguely construed to be relevant to keeping jobs in Kingston while the other could not in any sense.

I'm not supporting either candidate, so please ask next time before you presume to know my personal preference.

Anonymous said...

Nick Woerner the unions are waiting for you

Anonymous said...

Brittany Turner keep the comments coming.

Anonymous said...

Blaber...move on.

If you can't find new material then it must be time to hang up this blog.

Anonymous said...

Rich Cahill is still in town? I thought he was gone!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that ex-deputy Geskie would get more votes than Van Vleit in a GOP primary ;)

Republicans would we wise to cross endorse Paul next election!!!!!!

*****Road Patrol******

55 means 55, got it?

Anonymous said...

yea, and 65 means 75!

Anonymous said...

To 2:38 PM

Nick Woerner the unions are waiting for you???

What does that mean?

Supervisor Woerner has probably one of the best relationships with the unions of all elected official in this County. Woerner has had their continued support and continues to support them. It was Nick who walked information lines with out of work IBEW members at the former Miron Home Center / now Central Hudson site in the Town. It was Nick Woerner who started discussions about Apprenticeship and Licensing programs in Ulster. I think that the fact that some knuckleheads in the CSEA think that Quigley is their savior shows how stupid some people really are. Remember the facts… Woerner was endorsed by the Hudson Valley Labor Federation, the Central Labor Council, Hudson Valley Building Trades Council, New York State Union of Police Associations and both Unions that represent the Town Employees Laborers Local 17 and the Ulster Police PBA. Mr. Quigley spent countless amounts of money trying to defeat Woerner and was unsuccessful. He also supported Don Wise one of the most anti-union people I have ever met. Quigley should be concerned. I hear that Woerner is taking on a major role in the Auerbach Campaign. He is out working as if he were the candidate himself. He also looks great; it looks like he has lost about 50lbs. By the way Mr. Quigley should stop telling people the real reason why he sued the Town is because he thought Woerner was running for Comptroller. It just keeps getting better! 2:38 Get a life.

Anonymous said...

I hardly think Quigley donating money to the party he supports is being politically active. Did he get involved in races? Did he tell them how to spend the money? What you should be asking Auerbach is why he never supported any democratic candidates even though he was running for office in Ellenville. $100 donation is a bit paltry for a guy in an elected position.

Anonymous said...

How does donating to political campaigns or issues that he beleives in indicate that this guy cannot be a good comptroller. What happened to your argument about Auerbach ebing themost qualified. Is that not working? Probably not given Quigley's background in finance and running a large company. You really need to think before you write something because this guy donated money to the party he agrees with and apprently never told them how to spend it. He Just SUPPORTED them as you would hope the dem's would do to their canidates. Unfortunately, without donations like his there would be no party activities. As a democrat, I have a bigger issue with Auerbach having never supported any democrats even though he ran for mayor of Ellenville and is currently the village manager. Where was he when his fellow democrats needed him. Now he wants our money so he can run...good luck.

Anonymous said...

Blaber B. Turner has just spun you around like a top. She should have a blog, I would read her anyday. She is a straight shooter and clear thinker. That would spell the end for you.

Anonymous said...





Brittany Turner said...

5:16, thank you, but Jeremy is coming from a valid perspective. There are many who feel the same way. I, however, do not and have no intention of keeping my opinions to myself. I consider Jeremy a friend and someone who is very astute. Of course, we disagree more often than we actually agree which I consider the makings of a strong friendship. Given his age and background, I think there are few who can claim similar political awareness and activism and I am grateful for the work he does on this blog.

I don't have time to blog, unfortunately, but would love it if you checked out my twice monthly column in the New Paltz Times. Jeremy, Rich Cahill, Clark Richter and the folks behind Ulster Politics seem to have the blogging arena under control. :)

Brittany Turner said...

3:31, both CSEA and the Upper Hudson Central Labor Council have endorsed Mr. Quigley for Comptroller. You can read more about it on this thread:

I don't think that anyone in organized labor is naive enough to presume that a candidate for office is any type of "savior" nor do I believe a council made up of union leadership from a number of unions should be considered a few "knuckleheads."

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Brittany Turner. I guess my 1 Year and 3 month old blog, with it's 200+ hits a day doesn't count? Some of those other blogs are a mere month or two old.

Anonymous said...

Good Poll on KingstonTruth!

Bill Berardi said...

JIm Quigley had/has always played with all his cards on the table. He puts his signature on his thoughts and files Public Disclosures. He the type of businessman we need as a taxpayer watchdog - not the same old political faces.

Brittany Turner said...

I was mentioning blogs that tend to cover Ulster as a whole, rather than a specific locale. But I hear you do great work with Kingston Truth, and you have my apology for the omission.