Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hein Responds to Governor Paterson’s Budget Proposals





On Monday August 11th, Governor Paterson released a new round of budget proposals. Among the $1 billion dollars in potential cuts were $250 million in cuts in local assistance. The proposal would reduce local aid to over 50 programs. The largest impact would be in areas like early intervention, (Article 6) public health programs, foster care and probation, all of which are mandated. Ulster County’s Nursing Home and Community College would also be negatively impacted. The $250 million dollar proposed reduction does not include a cut in services, only a reduction in the States contribution.

The New York Association of Counties (NYSAC) has issued a press release urging State Leaders to protect property tax payers. In their press release NYSAC Executive Director Stephen Acquario said, “Let’s be clear here. They are cutting the reimbursements for programs that county governments are required by state statute-to deliver.” “If we are going to make the hard choices to address the current economic situation, then we need to reduce state programs and services, not simply shift more costs to property taxpayers.”

Ulster County Administrator Mike Hein said, “Like the Governor, we’re committed to protecting taxpayers and I applaud his desire to address the State’s Budget issues. I urge the State to make serious choices and not simply shift the burden from the State to County taxpayers. Taking taxes from the right pocket instead of the left pocket is not an acceptable answer.”

Alan Lomita, Chairman of the Ulster County Ways & Means Committee:

“The County Administrator and the Legislature have been protecting taxpayers by using innovation, making tough decisions and making cuts. It’s important for the State do the same during these difficult financial times.”



Joe Bubel said...

I guess Hein can kiss the Teacher's Union endorsement goodbye. The teachers Union is already withholding endorsements of over 30 State legislators.

Anonymous said...

I think more than the teachers unions are unhappy with Mr. Hein

Anonymous said...

Everybody on the gubbment dole is unhappy with Mike Hein, which means he should win by a landslide!!!!!

HEIN 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ulster County..... Wall-to-Wall Mike Hein Country.