Friday, August 15, 2008

Hein Fundraiser

(Doesn't that just look like Ulster's first family)

Mike Hein Fundraiser

Date: Friday, August 22nd

Time: 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Portabello Restaurant

Tickets are available for $50 each

And are available at Academy General Ins.

237 Fair Street


know what i'm talking about said...

Ulster County is lucky to have a talent like Mike Hein to step in and take over as the first County Executive. This is no time for lessons. This young family does a lot of volunteer work for our comminity.

butch dener said...

was @ Mohonk Mountain House today when Susan Zimey chaired a conference on Taxes,, property, School & Tax Caps.
Everyone from Kevin Cahill, Dave Donaldson, Sue Cummings, Gioia Sherbar(sp?), LEN BERNARDO, Gerentine, & Loughran,Noonan & others,, including a representative from the Governor's office.
Susan & i have had bitter fights in the past but she is truly a worker for the people of Ulster County !
She started the ethics law aginst me, in New Paltz, & now i support this law.
I was Chair of the Planning Board & the Republican Party @ the same time,,,,, & the APPEARANCE of a conflict was enough to diminish my work on the Planning Board.
Her efforts on this COunty Ethics law is true & from her heart.

We have our differences & our battles,, but i support her on this issue.
Lighten up,, she IS capable of doing the People's Business.

butch dener

Anonymous said...

Zimet did not invite all the legislators, only those who sided with her on trying to throw John Parete out of office. Notice the Republicats who were there? Donaldson, Loughran, Noonan (and probably Gregorious and Bishcoff too)

Cummings works for Bonicac, Gerentine works for Larkin, that is why they were there.

Big deal, like the state is going to listen to her.

Brittany Turner said...


Neither Gregorious nor Bischoff were at the event.

Republicans attendees were not limited to Cummings and Gerentine. Legislators Harris, Noonan and Petit were also present, as was Assemblymember Nancy Calhoun and Executive Candidate Len Bernardo and his wife, Terry.

NYS may not listen to Susan Zimet, but they do listen to Frank Mauro.