Monday, August 11, 2008

Sorry Terry

The other night I went to Ugly Gus to meet up with a friend and instead I ran into Len Bernardo, and had hour and a half conversation with him...sounds like the start to a bad story. Well, not totally, we had a great talk (a lot of which had very little to do with politics) and I gained a lot of respect for Len after that.

I strongly feel that Bernardo is not the right choice for Exec, I do not support his ideas for the office but nonetheless he is a nice guy.

During the conversation, my blog came up in regards to the Ants incident. Mr. Bernardo told me that his wife Terry was extremly upset over a post that I had written that challenged whether or not the incident happened.

While I do not believe that DSS sent the envelope with the ants, I am not going to challenge whether or not the incident happened by a third party. I e-mailed Terry and apologized and she has asked that I do so publicly.

I'm sorry.


Anonymous said...

You wimp! Why did you apologize? Too bad if she didn't like it. Who the Hell is she? You are entitled to your opinion. You aren't the only one who thinks that this may have been a set up by a Bernardo supporter.

Terry Bernardo, I don't believe this happened the way you say either!

Anonymous said...

This whole incident is bad news for Bernardo and his campaign. Bring it up again is not a wise idea for him.

He should be trying to advance his platform not waste is limited time in voters minds with ants or mindless attacks on his opponent.

Terry said...

Thank you Jeremy!

That was a very nice gesture on your part, and very warmly received on my part.

Terry Bernardo :)

Anonymous said...

You proved to me without a doubt that Schreibman is a piece of garbage. It takes a big person to admit a mistake. You are a good guy.

Anonymous said...

Blaber, I am surprised at you.

I sure hope Bernardo knew what he was getting into. He had to know that he was dragging his wife, his family, his business, his background, his past, his religion, his habits, all of that, willingly into the public eye. He does not deserve special treatment. If Mrs. Bernardo wants to be pissed, she should be pissed at her hubby for opening the door to their private lives.

You should never apologize for having an opinion.

Anonymous said...

I do not doubt that the Bernardo's may be nice people, under normal circumstances--- but politics can make people do ugly things. I have not seen any answers as to how the ants got past the numerous people, including postal employee's that must have handled the package. Thousands of ants! Sorry I don't believe the Bernardo's. I don't think some crazed supporter did it. And I don't think Rodriguez or the postman did it. If something doesn't sound right, it's usually not true.