Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Parete Nets Unanimous Kingston Endorsement

John Parete was unanimously endorsed for reelection by the City committee to serve another term as Chairman of the Ulster County Democratic Committee over challenger Julian Schreibman.

Kingston is the largest committee in Ulster County.

For me, I looked at the two candidates and it was very clear that John Parete was the best and most experienced to continue to lead the party. Julian was too negative, divisive and lacked a clear understanding of how to lead the party in any direction but downhill. His suggestion that we would of lost the DA's race last year even in a two way race was particularly insulting to me and showed a complete lack of judgment and understating of the process on his part. Julian also failed to offer any solutions to the problems that he claimed existed.

We do not need divisiveness, we need leadership and unity. No question, I have had my disagreements with John Parete but he is a leader. The most important thing this year is electing Mike Hein, Elliott Auerbach and our entire ticket, I am confident that under Parete's leadership we will do that.

Blaber News will make a formal endorsement for Chairman Parete in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Blaber skews!

Anonymous said...

Some healthy competition should be welcomed by all!

Anonymous said...

Do you know how HARD it is to get a unanimous endorsement from the Kingston committee? We never agree on anything! Julian did not pull a single vote of support right after he had just spoken to our committee.

Like J siad, Julian was awful, he offended many people and had no ideas. Someone should call Yale and see if Julian really graduated.

Anonymous said...

No one even tried to nominate Schreibman, he had absolutely no support. He is a dweeby little fella, he reminds me of the lab rat Pinky, from pinky and the brain.

Him (Pinky) and Shannon (the brain), sit around the house and Julian says to Shannon (the brain), what are we going to do today? What else Pinky, try and take over the world!

Of course every attempt fails because at the end of the day they are both lab rats.

Anonymous said...

I really am laughing out loud. That is the perfect comparison to Julian Schreibman. Someone should make a cartoon out of it.

Anonymous said...

Julian is not healthy competition. He and his wife are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Julian Schreibman, he's a little weasel.

Anonymous said...

I won't lie I support Vince Bradley but Jonathan has earned his stripes. Julian has not.

You want honest feedback on why Jon had problems, it was becasue of Julian.

Julian had no business running for district attorney and without him, Sennett would have won round 1 and the rest would have been history.

Julian has no business running for chairman but after this loss he will be through.

Brittany Turner said...

2:49, you forget that our country is a democracy. Anyone eligible to run has the right to do so. Julian Schreibman had as much right as anyone to run; it is up to the committee members and voters to determine whether or not he is deserving of a position.

Jeremy Blaber said...

A comment written on the blog made reference in a very racially insensitive light regarding Julian Schreibman. It was published accidentally along with a slew of other comments. And, thankfully it was brought to my attention very quickly and taken down immediately.

I myself am half Jewish and proud of my heritage and those sort of attacks have no place in political discussion.

While, I am very lax in regards to comment moderation, I will NEVER publish any comments that are racist in any way.

Again, I encourage and welcome comments and feedback and hope that people will keep their comments respectful.

- Jeremy Blaber

butch dener said...

good start, Jeremy,, & Thank-You for speaking out against that anti-semitic comment about Schreibman,,,

there was also a veiled anti-semitic comment directed @ SusanZimet too,,, @ around the same time,,, nasty times if this is allowed to stand.
I condemn that one too.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Mr. Dener,

Obviously, I condemn and will not tolerate any racist comments toward any individual.



Know what I'm talking about said...

There was also some comments
directed with an italian slur to it and I think I read something that was directed towards someone being Irish. Give me a break. when things get to hot, instead of getting out of the kitchen they scream its "racial or anti-semitic." I heard Zimit a few years ago used that charge, it wasn't true then it isn't true now.

Jeremy Blaber said...

To the person that keeps sending me the repetitive comment...I am not ignoring you. I am waiting for that person to give an explanation, out of respect.