Monday, August 18, 2008

Blaber's VP Picks

Hillary Clinton -- A guaranteed W for Obama if he goes with Hillary. It is a clear and obvious choice for him and the dream ticket. Hillary will put key states like Florida in play and increase Obama's support amongst older voters and women. Unfortunately, it is just a dream ticket, Obama and Hillary do not get along and there is also the Bill Clinton issue.

Obama's Pick: Smart money says Governor Tim Kaine or believe it or not, former Dem nominee John F. Kerry.

Mike Huckabee --- Governor Huckabee helps McCain among Conservatives and brings energy into the dismal McCain campaign. Everyone likes Mike Huckabee and it would spruce up the McCain campaign a little bit.

McCain's Pick --- Joe Leiberman or Mitt Romney.


Anonymous said...

I hope he picks none other than Kingston's Finest... Clint Brown!!!

Obama-Brown, Won't go DOWN!!!




Anonymous said...

I think: