Monday, August 11, 2008

Hein Tops Blaber News Poll

Democrat and Working Families candidate Mike Hein lead our Blaber News straw poll this week.

The poll conducted over a period of about a week showed that 55% of those who participated support Mike Hein for Ulster County Executive.

Mike Hein, is currently Ulster County's chief budgeting officer and is the Democratic nominee for County Executive. His opponent is Republican Len Bernardo.

Please participate in our new County Comptroller poll.


Political Ammo said...

Jeremy, I just checked this poll and Hein was losing badly.

Anonymous said...

I wish the GOP would stop crying fowl every time they lose a poll. The poll is still up and show that Hein won by 55% as reported.

Political Ammo said...

Oh my mistake. It looked like it was just taken down. The Democrats must have got their base out. Their names can be found on the tombstones in most local cemeteries of any district. I'm just kidding. Congrats to Hein.

Anonymous said...

Bull, Jeremy. Bernardo was way ahead on that poll for days. You just waited until you could get as many democrats as you could call to vote and then stopped the poll.

You're a joke.

Imre Beke, Jr, said...

Mr. Blaber -

Throughout the term of your poll, Len Bernardo was leading strongly. Then, at the last minute, Mr. Hein suddenly surges ahead.

Something smells rather fishy and it's not the NYC Liberals' favorite Sushi bar.

On a related note, why is it that you never trumpet the results of polls in which your favored candidate loses?

Anonymous said...

Hein tops Blaber poll. There's a surprise

Anonymous said...

You know you get the votes out early and blow your..lead. Where slow and steady wins the poll.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you guys watch the movie "Gangs of New York" - it's not the votes that count - it's the count that counts

Anonymous said...

"Something smells rather fishy and it's not the NYC Liberals' favorite Sushi bar."

Imre, you're a goofball.