Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blaber News' Pinheads and Patriots

Bill O'Reilly has a regular feature on his show called pinheads and patriots, on the show Bill features people that are helping America, patriots and people that are hurting America Pinheads.

Here at Blaber News, we will be doing a weekly spin off of that segment. I will feature people that are helping Ulster County become a better place, Patriots as well as people that are hurting Ulster County, Pinheads.

I also will take your suggestions for both categories. If you have a nomination please e-mail me the suggestion with a pithy description of why this person should be nominated to : All submissions will remain anonymous but please do not be truculent when writing to us.

Brian Cahill, the Majority Leader of the county legislature, has introduced legislation that would ban smoking on all county property. Mr. Cahill says that he came up with the idea after receiving complaints from county workers who complained they have to walk through a fog of second hand smoke to get into their work place. Some may remember the city of Kingston passed similar legislation a few months back and so far it has been successful. We agree that smoking should be banned on county property for the health of county workers and the general public. Mr. Cahill is a Patriot for addressing this important quality of life issue.

On the Pinhead front, Jim Quigley the Republican candidate for county comptroller, sent out a joint press release with his running mate that made claims about his opponent that were out right false. As a result not one news organization picked up on the story. Mr. Quigley takes a small hit in his judgment for this blunder and of course for not having his facts straight, he is a Pinhead.


Anonymous said...

Since smoking is still allowed in this country consider this. A college employee goes out for a few cigarettes a day. Needs to go to the public street, which is quite a distance how much time and work does the taxpayer lose. taxes go up. Maybe relocate that IBM'er to pinhead

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should nominate Walt Maxwell - he has ruined KCR and squandered donations promoting Good Old Boys.

Joe Bubel said...

Why is it, you support some laws which restrict our freedoms and don't support other laws restricting our freedoms, such as legalizing some drugs which are currently illegal? How can you be against the tabacco smokers, but for pot smokers? Why MUST you support these policies?

Could it be, because progressives want to legalize pot, and it's the progressives who want to limit smokers' rights?

If you read my comment in the Freeman, you have to agree with my analogy between the lingering secondhand smoke, and that of a diesel engine.

Here is what is next, with nanny state policies.
Required Helmets when skiing.
Ban motorcycles, only scooters.
Children under 12 may NOT ride bicycles without training wheels.
Ban on buffet style resturaunts.
No government sponsored contact sports (including baseball and soccer).

All of the above, cause injury which cost tax payers in the end.

Related to the smoking ban, you may want to include the almighty socialist country of Germany into your pineahead category. Their high courts have just decided the smoking ban laws recently enacted are unconsitutional. The same WILL happen here.

BTW, I am no longer a smoker.

Brittany Turner said...

If it was a joint press release, why is Quigley the only pinhead?

Jeremy Blaber said...

The comments that I am referring to were contributed to Mr.Quigley.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe Bubel. I'm with you all the way.
I'd even add a few, like all these folks with their OH SOOO PRECIOUS pets in public places [especially the crotch sniffing dogs].
Install Mute buttons in loud and obnoxious business owners and politicians who are in love with the melody of their own manure and insist you hear their concert. I was in Bowery Dugout with my wife last week and we needed sign language after we were seated next to one of them.

In conclusion, please ask any and all of these Law Happy anti-smoking gurus when was the last time we heard of one of our fellow travelers locking themselves in their gagage with a couple of cartons of cigarettes and smoking to death in less than an hour. I think we are targeting the wrong criminal!!!smitty

Anonymous said...

What about Rich Cahill's nut of the week, it lasted one week. Rich Cahill is a nut.

Anonymous said...

Consider this....If a college (or any other County Emmployee) is taking the 2 - 15 minutes breaks that they are allowed by the CSEA contract, there is no problem.

If they are taking longer than 15 minutes or more than 2 breaks a day, it is s disciplinary issue and should be addressed by the Supervisor or Department Head. This applies to smokers or non smokers.

Where is the issue? If everyone follows the rules, management and labor, there is no problem. I am sure Labor has no problem following the contract that they voted on and agreed to.

Brittany Turner said...

1:02pm, agreed.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

Mr. Blaber, I find it ironic that you would throw about the "pinhead" label for statements which were (allegedly) incorrect when you have made egregiously incorrect statements yourself in the not so distant past.

The case in point would be your lambasting Len and Terry Bernardo over the ant incident, claiming that it never happened, painting them as liars with zero proof on your part. You made no attempt to ascertain any facts about the case and yet jumped to the conclusions which were - in your view - most advantageous to your candidate.

In point of fact, I and others stated unequivocally that the incident certainly did take place and that neither Mr. or Mrs. Bernardo nor anyone from the campaign were involved. Those of us close to them know this to be tha case. To this day, you have refused to apologize for your own misstatements, yet you proceed to label someone with a pejorative term for misstatements which you have thus far failed to detail.

We cannot, from your post (which gives no details whatsoever), know if you are correct or incorrect about Mr. Quigley's statements. We cannot have an open and honest debate about the veracity of your claims. What we can do is ask you to refrain from throwing stones as long as you insist on residing in a glass domicile.

By the way, with regards to your comment of 11:13, the word you are looking for is "attribute" not "contribute." "Contribute" is what the "tribe" suing the County (and the "tribe's" attorney) did for the Hein campaign.

Anonymous said...

Blaber, who's pinhead of the week next week, Bernardo? then Quigley again, then Bernardo, then Quigley?

Anonymous said...

102, I am not a county employee, but when I was a smoker, breaks turned into 6x5 minute smoke breaks. This is kind of an unwritten industry standard, ever since smoking was taken outside. If you are going to add 5 minutes to the time it takes an employee to have their smoke (because of the walk), you are DENYING them their fix.

If it were discovered coffee vapors were a problem to non-coffee drinkers, so you closed down the coffee maker in the cafeteria, and made workers walk across the street to the coffee vendor. That would be OK with you?

You anti smoking crowd are just too much. And I hope, just someday, your vice is under the microscope of some lobby group with 'good intentions' of saving lives.

Anonymous said...

So you support laws, limiting the rights of people to smoke, yet you are against laws, limiting 'reproductive' rights. One is has the possibility of causing death, where the other is definately going to cause death. How do you liberals choose which side you come down on?

Jeremy Blaber said...

7:46 PM;

I will take your nominations into consideration.


Brittany Turner said...

hahaha that was hilarious

Anonymous said...

you should be the pinhead of the week every week.