Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Clinton's Visit Dutchess County

BREAKING NEWS: Former President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton and Chelsea were in Rhinebeck today were they had lunch at the Beekman Arms. No word to what they were doing in Dutchess or if they are still in town.

The Clinton's are more than welcome to cross the river to Ulster County and spend the night at Blaber Manor.


Anonymous said...

Hey Blaber, maybe Senator Clinton is actually spending time in the state she represents. Nah that cant be it, she must just be passing through.

Brittany Turner said...

sounds saucy :)

Anonymous said...

It's not "breaking news" when you simply lift it off a newspaper's Web site.

Jeremy Blaber said...

And what newspaper did I lift this from? I'm confident that I was the first to have this story up.

Anonymous said...

6:33 Blaber did not lift this item off a newspaper website. He got it from me. A friend of mine had a picture taken with the former first family.

Anonymous said...

The Poughkeepsie Journal had it, complete with a photo taken by one of their own staffers,

Anonymous said...

Was Mike Hein there?

Anonymous said...

Blaber did not say exclusive...it was breaking news that bill and hill spent the afternoon in Rhinebeck. It is not everyday that a former president lunches in Dutchess County.

Joe Bubel said...

Did this bring traffic into Rhinebeck? I know how much Joel Tyner and the rest of Rhinebeck's residents hate traffic. There should be a call made by Dutchess County legislators, with Mr Tyner leading the way, to prohibit presidents, ex-presidents, or anybody who attracts traffic from comming into town. Tell them, this is OUR town.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bubel, or maybe we should just ban the Clinton's from New York.

Joe Bubel said...

1:22, ah, I need a bumper sticker along the lines of imagine world peace, "Imagine a ClintonFree NY".

Who knows, with all these ban laws of late and the way Paterson is cutting spending like a republican, he might sign such a ban. LOL

Anonymous said...

Blaber Manor?

Jeremy..... How come you never
invited myself or CB Love Child#2
to you estate?

Make you a bet you have even had
the Cahill's there but never us
or Aunt Shirly!


Obama-Hoffay in '08


CB Love Child #2