Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blaber News' Pinheads and Patriots

Bill O'Reilly has a regular feature on his show called pinheads and patriots, on the show Bill features people that are helping America, patriots and people that are hurting America Pinheads.

Here at Blaber News, we will be doing a weekly spin off of that segment every Wednesday. I will feature people that are helping Ulster County become a better place, Patriots as well as people that are hurting Ulster County, Pinheads.

I also will take your suggestions for both categories. If you have a nomination please e-mail me the suggestion with a pithy description of why this person should be nominated to : All submissions will remain anonymous but please do not be a misanthrope when writing to us.

Mayor Jim Sottile has toughened up on the city's lax sexual harassment policy, putting measures into place that clearly identify what is and is not appropriate behavior in the work place. Mayor Sottile has also called for the hiring of two new positions that will make sure that this new language is enforced. For the Mayor taking a stand and showing leadership he is a Patriot.

Paul Lendvay, a local member of the NRA, has made a ridiculous claim that Congressman Hinchey smacked him in the head at the Rosendale Street Festival. Despite the fact that Lendvay waited nearly two weeks before he made this public and than went to the press rather than the police, there are witnesses that claim that the incident never happened in the first place. It seems Mr. Lendvay is making these false claims against our Congressman to score political points and for that he is a Pinhead.


Imre Beke, Jr. said...

Mr. Blaber -

You are incorrect on both counts.

Mr. Lendvay did NOT go to the press first. He filed a police report when the incident is said to have occurred. He waited to both go public and file formal charges, but a police report was filed immediately. Congressman Hinchey has a history of doing as he pleases, the public be damned. It is time for this self-serving example of just why America needs term limits to be sent into retirement.

Mr. Hinchey never represented the character of this District. He never tried to do anything positive for the people at large here. He takes credit for every cent of federal money coming into the District, even (especially?) when he had nothing to do with it coming here. When he does have a hand in Federal money coming back to us, just scratch the surface and you will find that it is almost always with a benefit to him. Usually, that benefit is special interest backing.

Hinchey always has and always will serve the leftmost elements in the Democratic Party, those to which even most Democrats avoid pandering.

As to Mayor Sottile's "patriot" award: how on earth do you reward somebody for fixing a problem which he has ignored for years? If he had fixed the sexual harassment policy and its enforcement when he took office, this entire problem would have been avoided. He opted, instead, to pretend there was no problem until it mushroomed to the point where he was forced to do something about it.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," is a common sense principle to live by. "If it's broke but nobody notices, leave it alone until they do," is a reason to vote for someone else.

Anonymous said...

From the Freeman, 8/8/09

ROSENDALE - A Rosendale man said on Thursday that he plans to press charges against U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey, alleging the congressman struck him on the head during an argument at the recent Rosendale Street Festival.
"I do intend to press the issue," said Paul Lendvay, 46, who is the chairman of the Catskill Regional Friends of the National Rifle Association.

Lendvay said he would file a criminal complaint against Hinchey, D-Hurley, with the Rosendale Police Department, but no complaint had been filed as of Thursday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Filing a criminal complaint and making a police report are two totally different things. Ask any attorney.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

4:12 -

That is exactly right. Mr. Lendvay filed a police report well before going to the press or going public in any way. He has the right to determine whether or not to file criminal charges at a later date.

Mr. Blaber's proclamation that Mr. Lendvay went to the press first is patently incorrect. His conclusion that the gentleman is trying to score political points is just silly. This is yet another example of Mr. Blaber shooting from the hip without having the actual facts in his possession, as he did with Len and Terry Bernardo not too long ago.

However, perhaps Mr. Blaber should think about consulting an attorney. Mr. Lendvay is not a public figure and as such he may well have greater protection against unfounded fairy tales being spread about him, damaging his reputation.

As long as Mr. Blaber was writing about politicians, he was able to get away with a great deal (perhaps too much). This is a very different case.

He may wish to award himself a "pinhead" prize for attacking a private citizen who may well have a good legal case against a Congressman whose time has past.

Anonymous said...

Why does it not surprise *anyone* that you list Jim Sottile for your first inductee.

Anonymous said...

I hate to agree with Imre but he has you on this one. Sottile acting after the fact does not make him a hero I'm sorry